Enhance security at warehouses and distribution centres to prevent unwanted intruders

Warehouses and distribution centres are a popular target for criminal activity, whether the threat is external or coming from within. To prevent damage or attempted theft, time is critical, and the earlier an intrusion can be detected, the better chance there is to deter crime. OPTEX offers a complete range of security solutions for the logistics industry to accurately detect and prevent unauthorised access and protect facilities and goods.

Warehouse Perimeter Security

Protect every access point with intelligent outdoor sensors

As e-commerce continues to grow, warehouses and distribution centres are getting bigger and face a significant number of security risks. Protecting the perimeter to these facilities can be challenging, particularly with larger sites, but OPTEX has a range of reliable detection systems working in conjunction with security systems to detect perimeter breaches and trigger the right response.

Intrusions to warehouse facilities can happen anytime and perimeter security should consider both common entry points, such as vehicle and pedestrian access points, as well as protecting the fence line. A combination of technologies will give you the most integral protection of the perimeter.

LiDAR technology can protect gated access to the perimeter ensuring there are no vulnerable ‘gaps’ and can also be added to the fencing to ensure any attempts of climbing over the fence or wall are not missed. It also means a pre-warning area can be created to alert of anyone loitering or approaching the fence line. The target object can be defined by size and speed of movement, and it’s therefore easy to ignore small animals and wildlife, which could be a major cause of false alarms for other technologies.

OPTEX fibre optic technology can protect the perimeter wall or fence line and pinpoint exactly where the intrusion is taking place. It can also trigger lights and audio warnings as a deterrent. Being utilised on the fence line, the fibre optic system can be left on at all times day and night, helping to eliminate a possible scenario where criminals prepare an evening intrusion during the day by cutting a hole in the fence, for example.

A further security layer restricting access to the logistics environment or protection for the perimeter can be provided with OPTEX’s infrared beams and beam towers, which running parallel to the perimeter line can give a warning in the event of an authorised person removing goods beyond the perimeter line. It can also be a second line of defence after a perimeter breach.

Warehouse Approach Security

Deter cargo theft and detect unauthorised approaches to the warehouse

The sheer size of logistic centres and warehouses means in the event of an intrusion into the perimeter, it is critical to identify exactly where the intruders are and where they are going. OPTEX long-range volumetric sensors and Raytec LED lighting provide highly reliable detection which enables intelligent site video surveillance to track the intruders and guide the security response.

In many cases, logistic centres are situated in remote locations which present an additional security challenge and makes the choice of an accurate detection system (which can work reliably in environments exposed to constant changes in weather) even more critical. OPTEX Redwall series has been designed to provide very stable detection and integrate with CCTV cameras which in turn can be pre-set to immediately ‘see’ what has been detected, giving the security staff the real-time view of the situation so they can quickly and accurately locate the point of intrusion.

OPTEX sensors can be integrated with security LED lighting and audio warnings, which in many cases can be a deterrent to prevent cargo being stolen from loading/unloading vehicles or unauthorised access into the warehouse.

Warehouse Building and Roof Protection

Prevent unauthorised entry and secure warehouse stock

Warehouses and distribution centres alike face a significant number of security risks. First and foremost, as these environments are used to hold items and goods of value, they are a popular target for criminals. While the threat can sometimes come from within (referred to as ‘Shrinkage’), the greater danger and risk of damage is caused by external threats, where individuals intrude the building to steal goods. OPTEX offers a range of customisable security solutions to protect the building boundary, roof and indoor.

The 24/7 operation of many distribution centres means their facilities are susceptible to attack any time of the day or night. The security system should provide flexibility to customise security to the meet the individual needs and requirements of each logistics site.

OPTEX LiDAR technology offers the highest level of detection accuracy and is a versatile security solution which can be used indoors and out. Mounted horizontally, OPTEX Redscan can protect roof tops, skylights and open areas (e.g. sterile zones).

Mounted vertically, inside the storage area, specific areas containing high value or restricted use goods can also be monitored by the use of LiDAR technology. It can be integrated with the CCTV and access control system and check if everyone in the restricted area is allowed to be there (such as authorised staff). In indoor security applications, our short-range Redscan LiDAR is a Grade 3 sensor which can be connected to the alarm intrusion system.

OPTEX curtain motion detection sensors can protect fire exits and back doors, giving a reliable warning of anyone trying to break in. Integrated with CCTV, it can help security staff to visually verify and stop the intruder before any damage is done. Out of opening hours, OPTEX Grade 3 indoor sensors have been designed to provide extra stability and maximum performance, offering customised detection to protect long narrow corridors or wider office or loading bay spaces, featuring digital Quad Zone logic to minimise false alarms.