Optex makes the best high end home security systems to keep families and properties safe

High-end residential security systems need to address many threats, keeping families, their homes and their possessions safe. Detecting the presence of trespassers or intruders early is essential in giving enough time for determining an appropriate response. OPTEX is an expert in outdoor and indoor intrusion detection and offers a wide range of reliable sensing technologies which are at the heart of an effective security solution.

OPTEX sensors can connect to wired or wireless intrusion alarm panels to activate alarms, audio systems, fog systems, CCTV, notify security or emergency services and more, ensuring safety with automated responses.

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The Importance & Benefits of Estate Security Systems

Securing your estate from intruders keeps you, your family and your assets safe from theft, or worse. The risk of these threats increases for high-profile homes, jobs and/or celebrity status. By installing our award-winning security systems, you are protected with early warning and access control systems connecting to professional monitoring systems. We provide the vital sensing capabilities that the rest of your security infrastructure requires to function.

We detect intruders with precision, earlier than other smart home devices. Smart homes with a video doorbell and CCTV are great, but our advanced military-grade technology offers unparalleled security. Our LiDAR virtual walls can detect intruders passing invisible shields around your home. These can't be avoided like cameras, which means standard intruders are detected and dealt with before the situation escalates.

One of the greatest benefits of our high-end home and mansion security systems is discretion. With virtual walls, fibre optic underground sensors and our other high-tech solutions, you have invisible protection for your family. Your house should feel like a home, not a prison, which is what you get with less discreet security packages.

We enable you to have open spaces, lovely hedgerows and the other design features you want, without compromising security and peace of mind. To learn more about our technology, use the interactive estate map above to browse by application, or view our home intruder detection product selector for more technical information.

Related Solutions

Our solutions are far broader than this one area. Check out the two most relevant areas below, and if you need help with anything else, feel free to contact us. Our technology is applicable to all kinds of areas, from buildings to tunnels, and from residential to industrial applications.

Security systems for smaller homes

We have similar technologies available for smaller residential properties. You don't need your own swimming pool or tennis court to be at risk of intrusion. The safety of every family is our priority, whatever the size of your home.

See how our technology can make any home safer, from small bungalows to grand palaces. If you want to install our technology and are ready to make an enquiry, contact our experts to get started.

Other Home Solutions

Security systems for businesses

Our high-end residential clients work hard to earn their homes. If you're concerned about your home security, you may have a business you would also like to secure.

Whatever your business, we have technology that increases both security and efficiency. If you want to install our technology and are ready to make an enquiry, contact our experts to get started.

Commercial security systems

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High-end residential perimeter protection

Intelligent residential security starts on the outside

Time is vital when it comes to security and the earlier an intruder is detected, the earlier the security staff or homeowners can react. A robust security system starts at the perimeter, detecting suspicious behaviour such as people loitering outside the property or trespassing the boundary of the perimeter. OPTEX’s sensing technologies add a level of security to boundary walls and fences by detecting a person climbing over or cutting through them.

The sensors are the cornerstone of the wider security system and can trigger an alarm, lighting, CCTV, a voice warning and alert on-site or remote security staff as to a possible incident.

OPTEX perimeter security sensors are designed to provide outstanding detection performance outdoors, in any weather and lighting conditions, and are tolerant to small animals. A choice of intrusion detectors is available to suit different types of perimeter layouts and levels of security required.

Infrared beams can be mounted on top of a fence or wall to enhance security and detect anyone climbing over it. The versatile REDSCAN Pro LiDAR sensors allow virtual walls and planes to be created to detect loitering, enabling users to set precise detection ‘zones’ and integrate those zones with CCTV.

Our fibre optics fence intrusion sensors are designed for harsh weather conditions and will detect if an intruder is trying to cut, climb over or even crawl under a boundary fence.

High-end residential outdoor protection

Protect the house surroundings and get early alerts for critical areas

Protecting the perimeter is always the first layer of protection but if someone has managed to get inside the property’s grounds, it is important to monitor where they are and where they go. An outdoor intrusion detection system allows key areas around the house to be monitored giving more time to react and considerably reducing the risk of a break-in. A combination of detectors is available to monitor all outside areas and approaches to the main property, including gardens, patios, outbuildings, swimming pools, etc.

The sensors are the cornerstone of the wider security system and can trigger an alarm, lighting, CCTV, a voice warning and alert on-site or remote security staff as to a possible incident.

Low- and high-mount volumetric PIRs provide wide-angle protection and are ideal for protecting everything from open gardens to busy patios. Equipped with OPTEX’s unique detection algorithm the sensors can adapt to their environment and are tolerant to small animals, keeping false alarms to a minimum even in gardens with pets or wildlife. High-mount PIRs are perfect if the terrain is irregular.

REDSCAN LiDAR sensors can create a virtual plane that can be used to protect an open area or create specific warning areas, for example around a swimming pool.

With the increasing demand for alarm visual verification, OPTEX offers Intelligent Visual Monitoring solutions that enable external sensors to be paired with any ONVIF video device and connected to a Cloud portal to provide a fast, secure and audited visual verification solution.

High-end residential boundary protection

Detect if someone is peering through the window or trying to access the house

Doors, windows and other specific aspects of a building such as a skylight are the last layers of protection before the intruder breaks in. By using external sensors and protecting the access to the building, the intruder will be detected while still outside the house, giving the residents more time to react and prevent a break-in from occurring. In many cases protecting access to the ground floor will be sufficient, but there may be balconies, flat roofs and/or windows on upper floors that can be accessed with relative ease, especially with flat roofs, and need protecting too.

OPTEX curtain motion detectors and LiDAR detectors can create a thin virtual layer of protection across the entire building, reliably alerting if an intruder is standing by the door, looking through a window, crawling on the roof or placing a ladder against the wall. Sensors can activate lights, a siren, CCTV cameras and more or send a signal to security guards, or emergency services, helping to deter intruders and keep property and people safe.

OPTEX intrusion detection sensors have the intelligence to ignore smaller animals and to adapt to the environment providing reliable intrusion detection even in locations prone to weather or temperature changes, or false alarms caused by swinging branches or even shadows.

High-end residential indoor security

Quick security response in the event of a break-in

It’s important to detect a break-in reliably and quickly and provide an immediate alert to the owners, tenants or security staff so they can take urgent action.

High-end residential properties may have valuable artwork, jewellery, technology and other high-value assets that need protection. OPTEX Indoor sensors can be placed in hallways to alert of an intrusion via the front door, in bedrooms, in living rooms, studies, garages, corridors and in any rooms which contain valuables. The sensors can be part of a wider security system which can also include cameras, sirens, fog systems, door locks and other similar technologies to better protect the home.

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For protection at night when the family is asleep, or during the day when the house may be empty, it is important that the motion sensors are not triggered for the wrong reasons. OPTEX indoor sensors have been designed to provide extra stability and maximum performance, featuring digital Quad Zone logic to distinguish between humans and small animals, such as cats and mid-size dogs or if an insect is on the lens.

Our sensors can be added to any alarm panels, and comply with internationally-recognised police and security response requirements.

High-end vehicle detection for residential gate activation

Efficiency and security for residential vehicle gates

OPTEX’s vehicle presence detector provides an efficient and easy way to operate automatic door gates. Because they do not require a ground loop, civil works are not needed, making them ideal for heritage buildings, conservation areas, or any site where any form of digging or excavation is not desired. It also means they are quick and easy to install.

OPTEX vehicle detectors can detect vehicles at a speed from 2 to 20 km/h, and the gates are set to open as they approach. Using both microwave and ultrasonic detection the sensor accurately detects cars, vans, motorbikes and other vehicles made with less ferrous materials, while ignoring people.