Versatile and Precise LiDAR Perimeter Security with REDSCAN Laser Sensors

REDSCAN is our award-winning LiDAR security system that identifies the size and distance of a moving object. LiDAR is an acronym for "light detection and ranging". REDSCAN utilises cutting-edge sensors and advanced intelligent analytics. Imagine it deploying an invisible wall or plane, protecting your buildings or assets. REDSCAN security LiDAR is used for a wide range of security and safety applications. By using LiDAR for security, the sensors are not affected by heat or lighting conditions, so they can be relied on in diverse environments.

They can be mounted vertically or horizontally and can be used inside or outside. REDSCAN LiDAR for intrusion detection has various uses in all parts of a multi-layered system. Starting from the perimeter of the building and entry points such as skylights to protecting valuable assets inside. Beyond this, the REDSCAN has broad uses, for example detecting people on railway tracks or crossings.

Market-leading reliability and broad capabilities are just the start. Read on to learn why OPTEX LiDAR-based sensors are relied on by global security teams. Or, select one of our products at the bottom of the page to make an enquiry or find out where to buy REDSCAN LiDAR security systems in your country.

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Discover the REDSCAN LiDAR for Security Series

Our series of advanced LiDAR for security features two product ranges. The long-range REDSCAN Pro and the shorter-range REDSCAN Mini.


The REDSCAN Pro is our state-of-the-art, highly accurate perimeter intrusion detection system. It has our longest and most customizable detection range yet, covering up to 50x100 meters. It is ONVIF compliant and features a built-in panoramic camera system for easier configuration and post-event analysis. As seen in Source Security, the REDSCAN Pro offers the perfect solution for protecting large perimeters. Including roofs, critical infrastructure, commercial buildings, renewable energy farms and industrial sites.

Learn more about the REDSCAN Pro range here.

REDSCAN mini-Pro

The REDSCAN mini-Pro creates virtual detection walls or planes across 20x20 meters at 95 degrees and analyses a moving object's size, location and distance to determine an intrusion. Designed to work effectively in both outdoor and indoor environments, now with video camera module for alarm verification and recording of events.

Learn more about the REDSCAN mini-Pro here


The REDSCAN Mini is our compact, Grade 3 compliant, indoor and outdoor security LiDAR sensor. Like the REDSCAN Pro, the Mini is a high-end security system that creates a customizable virtual wall or plane. It has a detection area of up to 20mx20m across a 95° radius. It’s a great solution for both residential and commercial sites. Common applications include protecting valuable assets, roofs, skylights and buildings.

Learn more about the REDSCAN Mini range here.

How does REDSCAN sensors work?

OPTEX Security LiDAR Devices compute and analyse size and distance

REDSCAN security sensors use LiDAR technology which is a type of laser that works by constantly scanning the configured detection area. Both the Pro and Mini analyze the size and distance of approaching objects with utmost precision by providing the exact live X&Y coordinates of the object detected. This enables security staff to follow the detected movement and know exactly where a potential intrusion is taking place, even in the dark.

LiDAR security camera integration and independent detection areas

Each REDSCAN sensor's detection area can be divided into independent zones. The REDSCAN Pro zones can have separate customized object target size, sensitivity and output. With this flexibility, one sensor can act as multiple sensors and easily adapt to the site’s requirements. This makes them great for both LiDAR perimeter security and interior detection. Each zone can be used to generate different events. For example, each zone can trigger separate PTZ camera pre-set positions to track intruders across zones. The built-in LiDAR security camera of the REDSCAN Pro may be all you need, but both the Pro and Mini can be integrated with camera networks to enhance the entire infrastructure. Each zone could also trigger separate lights, and warning systems or alarms to dispatch security staff.

REDSCAN Pro sensors provide up to 8 independent detection zones. The Redscan Pro sensors provide 4 independent detection areas when using an analogue connection and 8 when using an IP connection. The classic Redscan Mini series provides 4 independent detection areas with an IP connection.

The Difference Between 2D and 3D LiDAR

2D and 3D LiDAR use similar technology that measures distance using lasers, but in different dimensions, with different purposes. Both types of LiDAR detect objects against a mapped area, either in 2 or 3 dimensions. For intrusion detection, only two dimensions are required, because we only need to detect prohibited objects such as people or vehicles entering the mapped area.

Although 3D LiDAR could be used for security purposes, 2D LiDAR has the same capabilities, but with better cost efficiency due to only utilising the required detection dimensions.

Learn more about why we use 2D LiDAR here.

How the REDSCAN Series fits into a Multi-Layered Security System

We define multi-layered security as a system which uses sensing technologies to detect intrusion in each key layer of a site: the Perimeter, Approach, Building and Indoor. Our two REDSCAN sensors, the REDSCAN Mini and REDSCAN Pro can provide advanced security in each of these layers.


The perimeter surrounding your fences or restricted area is a vital zone to secure. Detecting intruders here and deploying an appropriate response can stop situations from escalating to critical conditions. When detected, communications systems and/or security teams may be able to deter intruders from coming closer. The REDSCAN Pro can protect up to 50x100 meters of perimeter, detecting intruders before they have even reached your fence, or allowing you to have an open perimeter that is still secure. For larger perimeters, we recommend integrating FiberSensys, due to its 100km detection range. In this layer, REDSCAN acts as an early warning system, providing a meaningful extension to response time, allowing you to differentiate between accidental and malicious intrusion, and react appropriately.


If intruders make it past the perimter, it's crucial to be able to track their movements and apprehend their actions. Detecting intruders on approach to your building, inside your fence or restricted area, can also stop situations from escalating further. With the REDSCAN Pro you are able to configure different zones specific to your site layout, with each zone triggering different automated responses. For example, you could receive an alert when intruders enter the furthest zone, but only trigger alarms, dispatch security teams etc. if intruders are in the closest zone. Directional tracking also enables tracking whether objects are getting closer or further from the building. Some of the other great security products we recommend to detect intruders as they approach buildings include our REDWALL, HX, Smart Line Beams, Beam Tower, WX Shield, WX Infinity, VX Shield and VX Infinity series. If you are unsure which best suits your requirements, contact us and our experts can help match you with the right products.


The next layer of your security infrastructure is the building itself. With the REDSCAN Pro and REDSCAN Mini, precise detection zones can be set on and/or around all the surfaces of your building, including roofs and skylights. This way you can recieve vital information of exactly where the intruder is attempting to enter the building from, allowing for a quick reaction, both before and during the intrusion. In some situations, knowing the exit point of intruders is even more valuable, triggering alerts, CCTV tracking and more to track intruders throughout your facility. You may want to set triggers for certain access points, such as skylights, windows, door and other entry points. Some of the other great security products we recommend for detecting intruders as they enter/exit buildings include our BX Shield, AX Series, and Smart Line Beam series. If you are unsure which best aligns with your needs, contact us and our experts will explain your options.


If intruders do make it inside the building, it's important to be able to track their movements and be aware of attempts to steal or damage valuable assets. Indoor security measures such as lockdown protocols can be triggered through REDSCAN integration, but it doesn’t stop helping there. Both REDSCAN sensors can be used to detect intruders indoors, depending on the size of the perimeter. Many customers choose the REDSCAN Mini for asset protection, to create a custom detection field surrounding assets such as art in galleries, due to its high precision and ability to separate into zones.The REDSCAN Mini is a certified grade 3 security system, which means it is designed and tested to combat advanced thieves and intruders, who may use sophisticated equipment and have formidable intrusion knowledge and skills. The FlipX Series Series is also grade 3 but uses more economical PIR sensors if you are concerned by cost. The REDSCAN Mini can also detect thrown objects as small as 2cm, which has many uses, including the detection of intruders attempting to damage assets by throwing harmful substances.

The REDSCAN series sensors can be utilised in each layer of a multi layered security system. They cover the detection of intruders from every angle of approach, from start to end, giving you the chance to react and stop intruders in their tracks.

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Transport Protection with the REDSCAN Range

Railways, tunnels, airports and beyond all benefit from the REDSCAN LiDAR range. It offers protection for all transportation industries. Check out our security systems supplier pages to learn why REDSCAN and our other products are the best for securing any industry.

Transport Protection with the OPTEX REDSCAN Range.