At OPTEX, we always emphasize the benefits of a multi-layered approach to security, starting with the perimeter and moving on to the approach and then the building itself. In this article, we are focussing on the approach security for commercial buildings.

Once intruders or vehicles have passed the perimeter line and are on site, it is important to be able to track them and understand their movements so the security personal, being in-house or provided by remote video monitoring stations, can assess the situation fully and issue the appropriate response.

Long-range external volumetric sensors

OPTEX Redwall SIP series have been designed specifically to work in conjunction with CCTV systems. They provide long range volumetric detection coverage to protect alleyways alongside buildings up to 100m x 3m or wide and open areas, up to 50m x 30m, making them ideal to monitor parking, storage yards, construction sites etc. Most models are available as hardwired or wireless and can be converted to IP using our PiE-1 encoder (SIP-IP_BOX series).

They feature all near and far detection zones to manage camera pre-sets and a number of models also have a ‘creep zone’, a 5m 90-degree arc detection area that can be rotated to detect movement underneath the sensor.

High-mount (2.4m to 4m), vandal resistant, offering auto-sensitivity adjustment and high accuracy throughout the detection range, the SIP sensors are an integral part of surveillance systems and detect movement whatever the lighting and weather conditions. They track them through the detection zones and using the independent alarm outputs (two outputs for most models and three for the SIP-100), can trigger different types of events.

A very useful feature is the ability to program a different camera pre-set position if intruders or vehicles are concurrently located in two different detection zones. The sensors ‘Combi code’ can be programmed to zoom out enabling the security operator to see the whole scene. Combi codes avoid the camera jerking from one position to another.

One single SIP sensor can be used to trigger both LED/flood lights and cameras and provide the best possible visual awareness to the operator.

Short(er) range volumetric sensors

Beside the long-range REDWALL range, OPTEX provides sensors up to 24m detection range that are perfectly suited not only to intruder systems but also CCTV systems.

Panoramic 180-degree sensors

When planning the approach security on a commercial site, it is common to have different size areas to cover. Shorter range sensors can be the perfect fit for smaller areas or to cover gaps between two long range areas. The WXI and WXS series offers a 180-degree, 12m radius detection coverage, with independent detection zones and settings for the left and right areas. The sensor features two independent (left-right) alarm outputs ideal to trigger camera pre-sets.

Installed between 0.8 and 1.2m from the ground, they provide very good small animal tolerance, so rabbits, birds, cats and foxes won’t set off the system.

HX Series

The high-mount HX series (2.5m to 3m) offers a choice of 12m 85-degree volumetric sensors for wide coverage (HX-40 series) or 24m x 2m narrow volumetric sensors to alleyways protection (HX-80 series).

The adjustable angle bracket allows to adjust the detection to sloppy ground, even if it is quite steep. The HX sensors feature small animal tolerance and anti-masking for the -AM models.

The selection of our intelligent outdoor PIRs gives great flexibility and choice to detect unwanted presence on commercial sites or around buildings, to direct the cameras to the intrusion points and enable monitoring staff to take efficient action.