30 April 2018

More features unleashed in our Redscan RLS-3060 series with version 8

Version 8 of our long-range LiDAR – the REDSCAN RLS-3060 series and its configuration software Redscan Manager will soon be available. The new sensor firmware combined with the new configuration software provides new features for both models of the 180-degree laser sensors.

Both models, the RLS-3060L and RLS-3060SH will offer more flexibility in managing dry contacts with the option to switch from normally open (N.O) to normally closed (N.C).

The RLS-3060L model, has some key new features previously only available in the high-end model. The first is an increased number of independent detection zones, 4 on analogue connection and up to eight on IP connection. Additionally, the area allocation function allows the number of active detection areas to be defined with an independent alarm output. Detection areas can be set differently depending on the time of day, using the day/night setting. Finally, the RLS-3060L has the option to select the indoor/outdoor loitering mode to send an alert if a person or object is remaining in the detection area for longer than the set time.

The RLS-3060-SH has one major new feature – an extended detection area between 30 and 50m, ideal as a pre-warning zone. In horizontal mode, at 50m, the laser scanner will be able to detect large moving objects such as vehicles: in vertical mode the RLS-3060Sh could detect a walking person.

An updated presentation and training content will be soon available. In the meantime you can dowload a leaflet explaining the new features for each model:
- RLS-3060L version 8 leaflet
- RLS-3060SH version 8 leaflet

OPTEX EMEA launches multilingual website

In 2017 we redesigned and launched our new optex-europe.com website. The new website covers a wider range of sensors, from intrusion detection and automatic door entrance to people counting and access security. It is a dynamic website which allows visitors to select the information they are looking for and it is built to have more functionalities built into it. It was the first step of a wider plan to have a multilingual EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) website.

Our website is available now in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Soon to be complemented by Dutch and Polish. More functionalities and content will be added to our website soon.

Our new website will help support our channel partners and customers across the regions to have access to the information in different languages. If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve this, please contact our marketing team here.

PFM Footfall Intelligence installed OPTEX vehicle counter in a retail park

With a pedigree dating back more than 30 years, PFM Footfall Intelligence is a genuine thought-leader in the world of people and vehicle counting. Will Josephs, UK Operations Manager, says that the company is proudly ‘technology agnostic’:

“Our reputation has been built on sourcing the best solutions for specific applications based on the needs of the client,” he explains. “As such we use a variety of different technologies, including the new microwave-based vehicle detectors from OPTEX.”

An open retail park based in England contacted PFM to count vehicles coming in and out its car park. With a single lane entry and single lane exit, the park wanted to avoid any lane closure that could affect its business. With the car counting device needing to be above ground and the application being single lane, PFM decided to install OPTEX’s microwave based vehicle counter the OVS-01CC. The sensor needs to be installed at ca 50cm above the ground and at 90 degrees to the approaching vehicle and it also needs a 24V power supply.

PFM ‘s data logger unit box, usually installed near a lighting column provides the power supply required for the low current Viik Sensor and has battery chargers to store power.

“The whole vehicle counting system was very quick and easy to install, without sacrificing performance,” Will explains. “From start to finish, it took between 30 to 60 minutes to install an OPTEX-based solution.”

The length of the beam can be set (by adjusting the power output) to a maximum of eight meters, giving extra flexibility for the installation. As each vehicle passes by the detection area, it is counted, and the data logged.An automated dial up service then pulls the data back to PFM Footfall Intelligence where it is uploaded onto a secure website. Users then have access to their data via a secure log-in, with hierarchies so that different layers of information can only be viewed by those with authority to do so.

The retail park can use the data to measure vehicle volumes and visitor behaviour. That data can be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising or promotional campaigns, and to inform how the facilities can be best used to determine shift patterns for essential support staff and operations.

Since being installed over a year ago, the performance of the ViiK Vehicle sensor has been 95 per cent.

For more information about our Vehicle counter, please click here.