28 November 2022

Featured in: OPTEX in the news, Intrusion detection

Published in the International Security Journal, Neil Foster - Project Development Manager at OPTEX gives an educational article on the importance of physical security for protecting data centers. The article explores the challenges facing data centers and how a multi-layered approach to physical security can help to minimize and prevent threats.

Datacenter corridor

Data is everywhere. Data is everything. Or better put, data drives everything. For businesses and organizations across the globe, data provides infinite possibilities - meaningful insights into consumer behavior, identifying trends and new opportunities and gaining an edge over competitors to name a few.

The adoption of digital technologies, cloud services, smart devices and the IoT have all grown, and will continue to grow, at a rapid rate. The impact of the pandemic has accelerated the need and demand for digital communications to enable remote working and learning. All of this, in turn, has driven huge growth and an increased need for data centers. After all, this big data needs to be stored somewhere. And crucially, it needs to be stored in a safe environment.

Taking a multi-layered approach to security, which combines protection of the data center or building perimeter, approach and all internal areas all the way through the server room, arguably the most critical area to protect, can help to minimize any security threat, and by definition, help keep data safe and uncompromised.

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