7 December 2023 - Matthew Oakley

Featured in: OPTEX in the news, Intrusion detection

For example, instead of only having a sensor by an entry point such as a window or door, wouldn’t it be better to spot intruders from further away as they approach the building? Or even better when they’re loitering by the perimeter about to make their move? By adding these extra layers, you allow more time to detect and react to an intrusion and consequently prevent any potential damage or theft from occurring.

We define these layers in a multi-layered security system as the perimeter, approach and building boundary, each with an equally important role to play in detecting a likely security threat. Often, intruders may come in groups and target different areas of the site to overwhelm existing security systems. By having sensors in each of the three zones, it is much easier to detect intruders and track them as they move around the site, whether it may be close to the building or by the perimeter line.

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