Bridging your security setup couldn’t be easier. Installing a state of-the-art visual alarm monitoring platform will enhance the effectiveness of your security by connecting cameras, sensors, panic buttons, AI and other third-party devices to create a unified solution.

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Software: a word we all used to associate with buying the latest Microsoft office package, now has permeated and dominated every part of our daily lives. Out of the 10 largest companies in the world by revenue, seven of these are software based. What does all of this have to do with the security industry you may ask? Well, the security industry has long been a pioneer of new software, from increasing the capability and intelligence of detectors or cameras; now in this ever-changing world, it is starting to develop cloud-based software to tie all this technology together.

OPTEX have been at the forefront of sensing technology and intelligent detectors with analytics for over 40 years; now we are using our knowledge and understanding to develop a software, that’s pushing forward the boundaries of what is achievable as a site solution. We understand that as technology advances, it has to make our lives easier, meaning we are using our knowledge and understanding to create a visual event-driven monitoring solution that integrates multiple aspects of your site’s infrastructure.

The CHeKT software is designed to be as simple and intuitive to use for every level of user that has access to it, from the Installer, Arc Operative, to the client.

Here are some of the main factors that we are prioritizing to give you the best solution possible:


A great software is agile and allows you to tailor and custom build each site, and user access. CHeKT software has multiple platforms, which are all designed around the specific purpose of the user using them. We have designed a system, that is intuitive from Arc Operative and Security Integrator, through to the End-User Verification. Additionally, all these platforms have a fully accountable audit trail for any actions taken. Creating a secure security system.

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When looking for a security software it is fundamental to ensure that it not only enhances your traditional security, it also protects you from cyber-attacks on your system. A security system that is easily hacked through a router, giving complete access to all camera’s is not protecting your site. Through the use of 256-bit Encryption, secure socket layers and subnets, we can secure your security. Making your system only accessible to those you have given permission too.


Over time sites change, adapt and grow. CHeKT software, will do this alongside your site, meaning that you can future proof your system, and implement a design that will not limit but expand your site capabilities. Whether you are just looking to increase one site or want to add multiple new sites across the globe; CHeKT can allow you to do this through one portal. Creating a truly adaptable security management system.

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Technology Agnostic:

Here at OPTEX we have always championed a multi layered security concept, where you can optimize your site through selecting the best technology for every aspect. CHeKT software was designed to continue this concept; being technology agnostic allows us to help you design the site security that is needed without limitations. CHeKT integrates the best, sensors, cameras and deep learning AI solutions to create a completely bespoke multi layered detection concept.


It feels strange to talk about software, a process of automating things, and then say that people are fundamental. Optex has been at the forefront of the security industry with its sensing technology for 40 years, because it is has great people. They are exceptional at understanding the market, and the future of security and designing technology that exceeds the expectation. When choosing a software to implement at site level, it’s important to choose one that has great people behind it that can guide your knowledge and understanding as we move into a more software driven market. Optex have always been the educators of the market through our people, and once again through the Optex bridge and CHeKT software we are leading the charge.

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So finally, if you are looking at starting your journey into software lead security systems, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you. Our plug and play agile software is the perfect way to start your journey.