3 February 2023 - Genevieve Graham

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In recent years there has been an explosion of new technologies in the security industry; intelligent visual monitoring software, video analytics with Artificial Intelligence (AI), thermal cameras, biometric scanning and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the way we work.

The level of security businesses can achieve today is unprecedented. The question is, are they choosing the right level of security for their needs? Thanks to software developments and edge-based devices, installing the most advanced technology is much easier. Cloud-based technologies have enabled the wider adoption of remote security monitoring, supporting the automation of security processes and helping the industry to tackle ongoing labour shortages and the rising cost of labour.

Cloud security 2

Cloud based software solutions

Integrated technologies and cloud based monitoring software can create a wide security ecosystem, where devices communicate with each other to provide an even more reliable and efficient security solution. Sensors can detect movement and trigger cameras for video verification and recording of events, it can also activate audio systems or release fogging to delay and deter all but the most determined thieves without having to call the police.

Cloud-based software solutions can provide upgrades to existing security hardware quickly and cost-effectively. One such system, OPTEX's CHeKT solution, for example, uses open protocol software which integrates with multiple third-party video and sensor technologies. It is both backward and forward compatible, creating an IoT solution that doesn't require infrastructure upgrades.

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