5 April 2022 - Aude Desbrieres

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Active Infrared Beams, also referred to as Photo Beams, provide an active detection methodology - the transmitter beam sends a continuous signal to the receiver beam creating a point to point detection. If a person or object interrupts the signal, the alarm will be triggered.

Our AIR sensors feature either two beams - “twin beams” or four beams – “quad beams”, and range from 20m to 200m coverage. These cost-effective intrusion sensors can be deployed across many different applications and environments.

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Creating a virtual perimeter

It isn’t unusual to see commercial or residential premises without a physical perimeter fence or wall. Indeed, many retail parks, offices, front gardens and driveways provide open access to their customers, employees or their owner.

The access to the site or premises could be monitored for security without the need for erecting a physical barrier. Infrared Beams can be placed strategically to create a virtual gate or perimeter around the area to protect and can be armed only when needed. For instance, the forecourt of a car dealership can be protected by beams that are only set and active during closing hours.

Using wireless beams enables the creation of a virtual perimeter for areas with no or difficult access to electricity. This is particularly useful to protect rural properties and land. Up to 100m detection can be achieved with our wireless beams creating an easy and cost-effective intrusion detection system. For properties with access to a waterfront, the Active Infrared Beams provide virtual protection while enjoying free access to the water.

For residential applications, the beams provide a perfect way to protect driveways, and when connected to the outside lighting and the alarm system they will detect, or better still provide a deterrent, when an intruder enters the area.

Second line of defence

In addition to a physical perimeter, the beams are well suited to create an additional layer of security to a perimeter fence or wall. Mounted on top of it, they will detect anyone climbing over it. With multiple mount and wiring options, they can be easily deployed.

They could also be located one or two meters away from the wall to detect intruders who have already jumped inside the site.

Optex ir beams top of wall installation

Various mounting options

The beams can be mounted on a pole, on wall; they can also be mounted inside beam towers. OPTEX offers 50cm, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, and 3m Beam towers, single side or double sided. Giving great flexibility. As additional service, OPTEX can provide for most countries located in the EMEA regions pre-built beam towers, including the mother board with thermostats, heaters, anti-opening tamper button, beam brackets.