18 October 2013

In July 2013 the FprEN 16361 standard has received positive votes from the member states. This new standard covers:

Power operated pedestrian door sets — Product standard, performance characteristics — Pedestrian door sets, other than swing type, initially designed for installation with power operation without resistance to fire and smoke leakage characteristics.

Because this new standard has a considerable impact on door and window manufacturers as well as the automatic door operators, not to forget the installers and service companies in the member states, it is important that notified test institutes also get a chance to develop and implement fair and acceptable test-methods. Details as 'air permeability', 'resistance to wind load', 'water tightness', thermal transmittance' and 'impact forces' will have to be known and comparable characteristics for everybody involved. Therefore the transition period for this new standard will be 24 months from the date of official publication by CEN. OPTEX Technologies BV will study the new standard in detail as soon as the final official version is ready and published by CEN. We will keep you posted.