19 October 2010

From October 18, 2010 we started introducing our NEW OPTEX ZC-1000 series of 3D Range Image Cameras. These cameras operate based upon the ‘Time-of-Flight’ technology, using the ‘X, Y and Z’ data from a selectable ‘field of view’ in order to calculate the 3D image of an object. The camera can detect and calculate, size, shape, speed, and direction.
Examples of applications are:

  • People counting
  • People flow
  • Anti tailgating
  • Anti piggy-backing
  • Positioning and tracking within a field of view
  • Object, f.i. luggage shape recognition
  • Gesture recognition
  • Factory automation and safety

Our account-managers and engineers will be happy to advise and support you in making your choice which ZC-1000 series camera is most suitable for your application. For the software for your specific application(s) you’re free to program it yourself in ‘Visual C++’ or we’re happy to offer you ‘fit-for-use’ software package(s) based on a project-fee.

Please call or e-mail your OPTEX sales manager for detailed information.