9 June 2020

Optex finalist innovative project BSA 2020

OPTEX has become a finalist in the British Security Awards 2020 for its innovative use of LiDAR technology to protect the facilities of a call centre and employees of a Fortune 500 company.

OPTEX Redscan RLS-2020 was chosen for its accuracy of detection to increase security of private areas of a Belfast call centre facility only accessible to authorised personnel. The area to be secured is only separated from the rest of the office by partition walls leaving a gap between the wall and the ceiling. Redscan utilises LiDAR technology which in this particular case was able to create a customisable 'virtual' detection wall between the top of the partition wall and the ceiling of the building, and to accurately detect any movement or objects been thrown from one side to the other.

OPTEX LiDARs work by analysing the speed, size and distance of the objects detected, meaning they track the objects within the detection area and understand the ratio size/distance of the object. When deployed in internal spaces, objects as small as 2cm - such as a small USB stick thrown from one side to the other - can be detected. The exact point of detection can also be mapped and associated to the cameras monitoring this area.

Designed to integrate with a wide range of security or safety systems, Redscan laser detectors can create fully customisable detection areas vertical or horizontal, with a high degree of flexibility and can be deployed to protect perimeters, flat roofs, skylights, etc. Redscan are PoE compliant, and can send alarms via traditional relay outputs or by using its IP-based Redwall event code that is integrated with all of the major VMS platforms.

OPTEX is finalist in the Innovative Security Project award which recognises projects that represent a first for the industry, for a particular market or a new application for an existing security solution.

The British Security Awards are organised by the British Security Industry Association to recognise the achievements and innovations made by members of the UK’s security industry. The national finals will be broadcasted online on 1st of July; more details of this event will be announced by BSIA.