With CHeKT there are limitless ways to build your system. The solution allows you to create a truly tailored system that fits the needs of your business. We appreciate that larger organisations may have more infrastructure than smaller businesses so CHeKT allows for customisation and a scalable solution to help make your environment a safer place to work.

CHeKT software allows you to monitor both interior and exterior site locations:


Its versatility means you can access the privacy features of the software, allowing verification to only restricted users. At OPTEX we understand that employee safety is critical to every business and CHeKT has been developed to make this easier. Intelligent Visual Verification can integrate with PA buttons, to ensure employees are always protected. CHeKT can manage multiple systems and uses across one site from managing stock protection, fire door contacts, machine
downtime and employee safety tailoring to your site’s needs.


When utilising the CHeKT software solution, you can securely move the security boundary outside. Providing clients with exterior perimeter protection–seeing a threat before a crime occurs. Solutions that use outdoor intrusion detection (e.g. photo beams, motion detectors, microwave, LiDAR or radar) can now become a part of your standard security because with the CHeKT software, users can instantly be aware of what has generated the alarm.

Site Applications


CHeKT software is fully encrypted and can combine any existing alarm panel and CCTV system; creating a secure security system, with full privacy features and multi-user functionality. It can allow you to enjoy the ease of professional monitoring, or set up a self-monitored system, which can utilize reliable analytics and sensor technology. Allowing the homeowner peace of mind that their system meets their needs, creating a fully accountable proactive solution. CHeKT also allows you to connect any external cameras and bring up all required footage instantly of any entry points when an indoor detector is triggered. Without the need for the homeowner to have to install indoor cameras.


Keeping track of stock, and lone workers in a warehousing environment can be difficult. CHeKT allows you to do both, and get intelligent visual verification the moment an alarm is raised. Making sure your commercial assets and workforce are safely protected. Not only can we combine a site's full security needs into one software system, we can also allow you to create small remote systems for stock that may be in third-party bonded warehouses. Allowing you to take full control of your entire security solution, across all your assets globally.


Our goal is to keep children, staff, and facilities safe, utilizing our scalable software, which can give instant visual verification to any alarm, whilst accommodating the
need to protect identities using our privacy features. CHeKT solutions can also help you to create a system, that can incorporate your traditional security needs and more tailored solutions such as anti-social behavior, property destruction, and dangerous behaviour; utilizing our third-party AI integrations. We can help you create the system that works for you, to keep everyone safe.


CHeKT creates an agile solution to suit your needs, allowing you to protect, employees, customers, stock and buildings into one security solution utilising your
existing infrastructure. We work with a number of third-party integrations, to create cutting-edge unique solutions, for example combining your cctv, lone worker and security solution into one manageable software, that meets the demands of the industry. Additionally, the scalability of the software allows a client to schedule their upgrade so that it can be achieved in a cost-efficient manner. We work with you to create bespoke solutions, for each retailer that prioritises their needs.


The needs of the workforce and the working environment has changed. CHeKT allows you a scalable solution that can work across your global infrastructure network. Our encryption level ensures that video is securely transported both in and out of our cloud, enabling you to have a secure security system at all times. Not only protecting your site but also your information. Our software can allow your keyholders to have complete situational awareness remotely over every event that happens, meaning they can remain safe whilst they protect your property.


CHeKT can help you to minimize production down time, monitor your employees safety, and protect your infrastructure. By choosing an event contact to monitor we can give you visual verification to help your business meet its needs and thrive. we allow you to create a system that can meet your needs; whilst centralising how the information is managed. This allows you to create a solution that has one management system across multiple business functions, which will not only increase your security but will allow for the system's health to be monitored, and for the system to be remotely maintained. To ensure, that you can remain operational at all times.


Our software-based solution is integrated with the leading security technologies, to meet all your sites needs. Working from the outside in on your site, we can ensure that your system can incorporate your perimeter detection, cctv, restricted area, and access control functions into one solution. CHeKT can additionally allow you to manage multiple remote sites under one system in a proactive manner. The ability for CHeKT software to not only detect and manage but additionally generate multiple outcomes, including live talk downs onto sites, means that when response time is critical, you can respond the moment the activation starts.


CheKT is being used within the healthcare industry to create a tailored solution, which can be tightly controlled. We work with providers to help make sure restricted areas stay restricted, with instant verification if breached. Our system can allow you to create one solution that can encompass multiple restricted areas across a site into one managed system, that can be accessed from any chosen location. With a full audit trail or every action taken within the software, your system can remain safe and accountable. Furthermore, CHeKT's privacy features mean that you can keep all visual information hidden until released by additional access user controls, creating a tailored system for how all information is handled.


CHeKT can protect your construction site out of hours. Our event-activated system can be utilised on remote towers to create immediate situational awareness whilst giving you remote talk-down access to instantly control your site. These systems can be moved around the site, according to need, and then remotely reconstructed through the software, to give you the protection required. Through the systems safety protocols, there is full GDPR compliance, and customisable access levels, to ensure that all information is controlled in the manner you require. CHeKT allows you to protect the site, the equipment, and the perimeter into one solution that can then be moved to the next site when finished, building your own tailored system every time.