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Product Details

Akribos VC-1020 is a compact, multidirectional, indoor, 3D modelling, video based people counter which analyses in real time and with 98% accuracy* pedestrian traffic flow into retail stores, shopping centres, public facilities, conventions, exhibitions centres, transport hubs (rails, airports, etc.).

The Akribos Sensor processes counts, stores and automatically transfers the traffic data collected to a PC or 3rd party analytics software to create key-performance reports and dashboards.


  • Automated Data transfer via TCP/IP in XML or TXT format
  • Works with 3rd Party Analytics/building occupancy software
  • Real time multi-directional traffic count (in/out – left/ right/straight)
  • Tracks complicated movements (people standing still, stopping, turning back, crowds)
  • Easy set-up with pre-configured multi count area settings
  • Object shape recognition, direction recognition & 3D warping
  • Sensor not easily affected by shadows or sunlight
  • Live video stream with remote web access
  • Count data storage up to 30 days
  • Wide count area maximum 4.5m
  • Installation height up 6 meters (via licence key)
  • Single and multistore applications
  • Easy to install, configure, manage and maintain
  • Simple Web-based setup interface

Unleash the power of Analytics

If you need a full people counting solution that includes analytics, reporting and dashboard for real-time occupancy control management, you can visit our technology partner here. Their software analyses and reports on the people counting data generated by OPTEX's Akribos sensor, for multiple applications from social distancing smart building management to retail efficiency in shopping malls, stores, gyms, football stadiums and all kind of venues.

Use Akribos people counting to help enforce social distancing

AKRIBOS Retail store social distancing akribos EN

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we manage and control the numbers and access of people into and out of our shops and offices, or indeed any building open to the public. Our Akribos real time people counting solution is an efficient and accurate way to control the situation. The counting sensor now has the ability to have the MQTT protocol embedded. The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a lightweight messaging open protocol, which manages telemetry information, and is used in Man-to-Machine M2M and IoT devices for real-time analytics, preventive maintenance monitoring etc. (source https://internetofthingsagenda.techtarget.com/definition/MQTT-MQ-Telemetry-Transport)

The MQTT protocol allows the people count to be immediately transmitted to the integrated occupancy software platform and gives an exact picture on how many people are in the shop, room or a specific area. Our technology partners - the Spanish company Vaelsys and the UK companies IA Connect and Xenometric – integrate our Akribos people counter and MQTT protocol together with their own software platforms to provide a workable solution.

Akribos integration

To give you an idea of what an integration could look like, we created the image below. Of course there are many more possibilities for integrations.


Customize your Akribos VC-1020

For all those creative individuals, you now have the option to customise your Akribos VC-1020. This is a bespoke service provided by OPTEX please feel free to contact us for quotes and lead times.