Intelligent Visual Monitoring is a simple and cost-effective solution to bring added value to the security system and the service to your customers.

Connected to the control panel, the OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge is an award-winning product that enables you to link indoor and outdoor intrusion sensors, door contacts and panic buttons with ONVIF cameras or DVRs, mapping the detection or alarm zones to the associated cameras. Once installed, the Bridge should be registered to the ARC, monitoring the site and be connected to the CHeKT Monitoring portal. The alarm system can then become a responsive visual verification solution, with no interference with its integrity.

How does the solution work?

When an alarm zone is triggered, the operator will be alerted in a few seconds. The Intelligent Visual Monitoring portal presents the operator with the pre and post-event video recording, the live view of the zone triggered and a site map with the location of additional cameras. Depending on the agreed procedure and the assessment of the alarm, the operator can either take immediate action or push the notification to the key holder or emergency contacts for them to verify the alarm and instruct the operator accordingly. All interactions are documented in an audit trail, thus creating a comprehensive visual verification solution.

View of Intelligent Visual Monitoring Portal, Alarm notified and verified by the customer

How will the solution benefit you?

Works with existing infrastructureHigher operational efficiency & enhanced service to your customers
The OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge can be easily installed into any existing security system, there is no need to make any change to the physical infrastructure or software. Already available to leading software integration providers, our solution was designed to work with all automation platforms. If your software integration platforms are not listed below please contact us.The OPTEX Bridge gives eyes to the operator to understand what has triggered the alarm and be able to instantly inform the customer and take action as soon as possible. The Bridge helps you bring extended service offerings to your customer and thus bring added value to the security system and to your service.

Software Compatibility

The Visual Verification Bridge has been designed to work with all automation platforms. It is currently available with the following software providers: