Add video to your monitored alarm security system

OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution enables to connect intrusion detection sensors or panic buttons, together with IP cameras giving the ability to your intruder alarm monitoring station and yourself to visualise what has set the alarm off and take the appropriate action.

Upgrade your existing system with video functionality or build the system from new

The solution consists of an award-winning IP device called The Bridge, that will connect the cameras to the alarm panel and one intelligent software solution hosted in the Cloud. It can be installed in one site or across multiple sites sharing the same network and gives you full flexibility as you can use existing security equipment, add to it or build the system from new.

Introducing Intelligent Visual Monitoring by OPTEX

Instant verification for a quicker response

There are many instances where the intrusion alarm goes off and it is unclear what could have caused it. By adding video capability, you can either confirm the alarm or dismiss it. The speed with which an alarm can be verified is critical; the quicker the operator can make a decision, the quicker the police can be called or a security officer sent to your site. This is why the Intelligent Video Monitoring solution presents the video within a few seconds.

How will the solution benefit you?

Better understanding of the eventsKeep your existing equipmentIntegrity of the alarm system remains the same
The ability to add a visual element to your monitored alarm will give you the full understanding of the situation and allow you to make a quicker and more informed decision. It won’t be a blind alarm anymore, needing you to guess the importance of the event. The solution will work with your existing alarms system and IP cameras or DVR as long the video devices are ONVIF compliant. It allows you to upgrade to a complete visual verification system without having to replace your existing equipment, keeping the cost down. Adding The OPTEX Bridge and enabling visual verification via the Intelligent Visual Monitoring portal does not affect the integrity of the existing alarm system. The grading and certification of the alarm system remains unchanged.

Ensuring that your privacy is protected too

If privacy mode is enabled, all human movement inside the house will be displayed to operators in silhouette form to guarantee privacy. When the system is armed, and motion is detected, the actual picture will be sent to the end-user via SMS text with corresponding DISPATCH or DISREGARD prompts. If DISPATCH is selected, normal police dispatch protocol is initiated. Operators will then, and only then, have access to the actual video and forward the actual picture to first responders giving them a confirmed entry priority signal and an actual picture of the person they are looking for.

What the operator sees and what you see