Optex vx shield

Product Details

Introducing "the new shape of security". With it's modern design and accurate detection system the VX Shield series is built on the foundations of Reliability, Convenience and Security. The VXS-DAM includes an integrated algorithm of both Passive Infrarred and Microwave technology provides the ultimate stability in detection performance. In a field where strong sun hits the land or facing direct light beams from traffic, the VXs-DAM ensures there the chances of false alarm immunities as the dual technology detection system can handle more complex scenarios.

Easy to install and set upIntelligent detection analyticsTriple Layer Detection
The VX Shield series has been designed to make the installation phase as easy possible for the installer. With every piece of the installtion phase throught out with great precision from the easy 90 degrees rotation lock to open/close the cover to the easy to adjust detection area, we've made what was previously considered the most painful of tasks totally hassle free. The VX Series also includes a "Automatic Walk Test Mode", when closing the cover the walk test mode expires automatically after 3 minutes.

ALL VXS models are equipped with a digitally enhanced signal recognition logic called SMDA. By analysing detection patterns and environmental information SMDA improves immunity against various noise factors such as climate changes and vegetation sways, and can distinguish between the cause of nuisance false alarms and genuine intrusions.
Both the upper/lower passive infrared detection areas and Microwave detection area must be crossed to generate an alarm (include detection visuals). Each activation is independently analysed so that spurious events can be filtered and ignored. The tripled layered approach eliminates nuisance detection of smaller animals in the premises.

The following table indicates the areas of intended use of the equipment and any known restrictions. For countries not included in this table, please consult the responsible Spectrum Management Agency.

Microwave emission power


10.525GHz (X5 version)

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

10.587GHz (X8 version)

France, Ireland, United Kingdom

13.700 GHzAustria, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia


  • Buildings
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling

Key Features

  • Intelligent 12m dual tech for harsher environment
  • Active ir antimasking
  • Easy set up incl. automatic walk test mode
  • Versatile design- choice of housing and front covers