Independent left and right detection with BX Shield

The BX Shield outdoor sensors are designed to protect the immediate boundary of your premises against intrusion. Not affected by small animals or by environmental changes, they are a perfect trigger for alarm systems or outdoor CCTV cameras. They provide two independent left-right curtain detection areas up to 12m each (24m in total). The BX Shield are available as wired, wireless, and anti-masking models.

The BXS sensor includes four pyro-elements, two on each side (left-right) making it effectively like two sensors built into one.

The detection range can be set completely independently for each side, for instance it can be set to 3.5m detection on the left side and 12m on the right side. Sensitivity can also be customised by side allowing to adjust it to difference of sunlight level. The sensor also has independent alarm outputs left-right, which is very helpful for video surveillance.

Unique sensing analytics

OPTEX's patented SMDA (Super Multidimensional Analysis) logic provides the detector with sensing analytics to recognise what has been detected. By analysing the passive infrared signals and environmental information, BXS can differentiate between genuine intrusions and a number of nuisance alarms such as changes in weather conditions and swaying vegetation. BXS also has a size analysis logic, which means small animals can be ignored.

Extreme high detection mode

As passive infrared detection relies on the difference of temperature between the moving object and the ambient temperature, in hot countries it’s important that the small difference is also detected. For those regional locations, the sensitivity can be set to extremely high, maximizing the detection performance and avoiding missed alarms.

Versatile design

Optex bxshield colours available

Residential and commercial applications

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