From the main entrance, to the ER and operating room. A hospital is the kind of location where people are out of their comfort zone and on edge. A quick and safe passage therefore is a requirement. Especially in a potential life threatening event when a patient has to be rushed into the ER, you don't want to be held up by automatic doors opening too slow, not opening at all or closing when something is blocking the threshold.

Opposed to high speed needs in a hospital, is life in an elderly home a lot quieter. The emphasis is not so much put on how fast a door opens, but rather on how long the door must remain opened. Elderly tend to move around a lot slower and to stand still or wander inside the door area. This puts them at risk of being hit by the door when the door opens / closes.

OPTEX offers a wide range of sensor solutions for sliding doors with a demand for timing and safety. For example, use the OA-Axis T or OAM-DUAL TE. The reliability of the detection and the subsequent opening ensure a fast and efficient passage through the doors. In addition, these sensors also detect a person wandering or standing still in the threshold and stay open until it is safe to close.