Together with Raytec Johannes Faber (OPTEX) and Stefan Blohm (Raytec) we will exhibit our range of security solutions with Raytec integration.

Johannes will be demoing our REDSCAN range including the NEW REDSCAN mini-Pro and REDSCAN Pro. REDSCAN is our award-winning LiDAR security system that identifies the size and distance of a moving object.

The award-winning OPTEX REDSCAN series of intrusion detection systems just got better. These cutting-edge detectors, the REDSCAN Pro series, have the longest detection range yet. They are highly accurate outdoor and indoor security sensors with LiDAR technology. They have advanced detection capabilities, long-range customisable detection zones and enhanced environmental resistance. This makes them more effective and reliable and enables broad use for many applications.

The REDSCAN mini-Pro creates virtual detection walls or planes across 20x20 meters at 95 degrees and analyses a moving object's size, location and distance to determine an intrusion. Designed to work effectively in both outdoor and indoor environments, now with video camera module for alarm verification and recording of events.

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Event date:

23 April 2024 - 24 April 2024

OPTEX Perimeter Protection Catalogue Optex Perimeter protection and intrusion detection Catalogue 2021 EN