After the success of the last edition of Sicheirheit Munich, we have decided to confirm our presence with our stand in the next edition of the fair. The exhibition will occur in Munich from the 24th to the 26th of June 2024. The SicherheitExpo Munich aims to demonstrate the safety and security technology that protects from internal and external criminal attacks: Industrial plants, banks, clinics, transport companies, trade, railway stations, airports, museums, private households and public authorities.

We have lots of new technology and solutions to share since our last attendance.

We will be live demoing the REDSCAN Series. The REDSCAN Pro is our state-of-the-art, highly accurate perimeter intrusion detection system. It has our longest and most customizable detection range yet, covering up to 50x100 meters. It is ONVIF compliant and features a built-in panoramic camera system for easier configuration and post-event analysis. The REDSCAN Pro offers the perfect solution for protecting large perimeters. Including roofs, critical infrastructure, commercial buildings, renewable energy farms and industrial sites.

The newest of the series, the REDSCAN mini-Pro creates virtual detection walls or planes across 20x20 meters at 95 degrees and analyses a moving object's size, location and distance to determine an intrusion. Designed to work effectively in both outdoor and indoor environments, now with a video camera module for alarm verification and recording of events.

You will now be able to see the FULL range of our new generation indoor PIR detectors with innovative pyroelectric elements and unique to OPTEX, rotatable lens. By simply removing the case and flipping the lens 180 degrees you can change the detection area from 85 degrees wide for covering large open spaces to just 5 degrees for covering narrow passages or windows both in residential and commercial settings. Equipped with advanced detection logic and a unique pyroelectric element for increased accuracy and performance, FlipX Series guarantees advanced intrusion detection for your home or business.

Our Shield and Infinity Series, the trusted ranges of external PIR's.

Also on show, we have a world-renowned IR beams. Our SL series, designed to lighten your workload while achieving perfect alignment.

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Event date:

26 June 2024 - 27 February 2024

OPTEX Perimeter Protection Catalogue Optex Perimeter protection and intrusion detection Catalogue 2021 EN