The Innovation Gallery is an initiative promoted by the leading Spanish Security event, SICUR, that recognises businesses who have demonstrated true innovation and made a significant contribution to technological development in their sector. We feature among the top 14 winners in the Security category by a panel of industry experts for our innovative ViiK radar-based vehicle sensors, model OVS-GT.

Our OVS-01GT sensor utilises multiple modes of radar technology, namely doppler shift recognition and Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) recognition, and features a smart algorithm that is able to filter out detection of human beings.

Put aside its technical features, what is most innovative about this product is its potential to change practices of vehicle detection for several industries. Where ground loop installation involves civil engineering work, heavy machinery, closing up lanes which can lead to restricting vehicle access during business time or to a more expensive night work etc; the installation of a ViiK sensor can be done in less than an hour with no digging and no lane closure. It makes the lives of installers and customers alike far easier.

Viik Sensors also provides an ideal solution to detect vehicles where a buried device will not be possible, for instance when the road surface is damaged or unsealed, paved with cobblestones or above drains and pipes. It can also be used as an easy and quick retrofit when an induction loop doesn’t work anymore as it avoids the inconvenience of having to conduct any civil engineering work.