28 October 2022 - Lara Velasco

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What to consider when choosing a sensor-camera kit?

The first aspect that should guide this type of security solution is accurate detection, avoiding missed alarms and at the same time reducing 'false alarms' caused by rain, shadows, passing pets or insects on the lens to an absolute minimum, if not altogether. Although detection sounds like a simple deliverable, it is perhaps the most important aspect that will determine the effectiveness of the solution and customer satisfaction.

The second aspect to take into account is the visual verification and, although it seems obvious, the first thing to check is that the camera records video and not just photographs. The quality of the image, both day and night, as well as a panoramic viewing angle to capture the whole sequence and to be able to have audio with the video are key aspects that make the difference when it comes to being able to verify events clearly and even report them to the police. In addition, being able to access the live camera view and the recordings at any time, not just when the alarm goes off, means that the user can have the peace of mind to check when they need to and share what is required.

Burglary and intrusion protection in residential applications

An entire balcony, terrace, patio or private garage can be protected with just one outdoor detector with a camera. The solution will alert if there is an intrusion and will record all events on video so that they can be shared with family members, police or neighbours to alert them and take action before the police can be informed to alert them of the incident. In communal penthouses and terraces it can help protect common assets such as solar panels, air conditioning units, garden furniture or outdoor sports equipment.

Protection of infrastructure and personnel in commercial applications

A sensor-camera kit at the back door of a shop or bar can alert if there is someone suspicious or several individuals gathered together. Thanks to the live video view from a mobile phone, alarms do not need to be verified in person, but can be reported directly to the security team, should there be one. In private reserved office car parks the sensor-camera kits can alert if a vehicle has parked without appropriate authorisation.

Supporting the management of business operations

Some applications that can benefit from the installation of a sensor-camera kit are hotel lobbies, bar and restaurant terraces or warehouse entrances, where there is no assisted reception. The sensor alerts if someone is approaching the entrance, through the camera view it is possible to identify if it is a customer, or a supplier and speed up the management and attention required by staff.

VXI CMOD works in three simple steps

Detect verify call

When the alarm is triggered, the video camera is immediately activated and simultaneously a notification is sent to the registered mobile phones and, if applicable, to the intruder system.

The VXI-CMOD camera is built into the top of the sensor and has a 180-degree panoramic view, offering a wide angle to fully cover many gardens, pool areas, patios, private car parks, etc. The full HD 1080P quality offers high image definition and built-in infrared LEDs for better night vision; plus the installation height of 1.20m offers a clear view of events and a front view of the intruder, helping to identify them more easily. Additional features include a built-in microphone with the option to enable/disable audio from the mobile phone, and dewarping functionality to zoom in/out and side view for an even more complete picture.

All events are recorded with two seconds of pre-alarm up to 28 seconds after detection. The user can easily access the recordings, share them with the police for evidence, or they can be easily shared on WhatsApp groups and other social networks to alert neighbours and family members of potential danger.

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