The VXI sensor is a leading PIR and dual-tech outdoor motion detector providing reliable 90-degree approach detection. It can be upgraded with a CMOD camera module to provide real-time video verification of the alarm activations. As well as new VXI-CMOD installs, the CMOD can be retrofitted to VXI sensors already in the field.

How to install the CMOD

The CMOD kit includes the camera, connector wires and interface board.

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Prepare the VXI detector to fit the CMOD

1. Knock open the punch hole on top of the VXI base for the CMOD connector and pull the cable external PCB terminal into the VXI back box. Leave about 7cm of cabling, enough to connect the VXI and the CMOD.

    Cmod installation step 1

    2. Pull the cable through into the back box, connect this cable into the external PCB terminal.

    3. Connect the external PCB terminal with the VXI unit. Leave about 25cm of cabling when connecting the PCB to the VXI sensor.

      Optex cmod installation step 3

      4. Apply the weather seal provided on top of the VXI base.

      5. Install the CMOD mounting bracket to the VXI base with the two screws provided.

      6. Inspect the connectors and setting switches. Install the SD card to store video.

      Optex cmod installation step 4 5 6

      7. Connect the CMOD cable and install to the VXI base, making sure there is no gap. The CMOD fits seamlessly onto the top of the VXI.

      Optex cmod installation step 7

      8. Use the long screw to fix the CMOD to the VXI base, the screw passes through the CMOD into the top of the VXI sensor keeping the two connected. Leave the top cover off, you will need to read the QR code during the app setup. When done, install the top cover and complete.

      Optex cmod installation step 8

      With the CMOD kit connected to the VXI you can now power up the unit.

      Set up of OPTEX Vision App (dedicated App for VXI-CMOD kit video verification of alarm activations)

      Download the OPTEX Vision App from the Google Play store or iOS App store.

      The CMOD requires Wi-Fi internet access, have this Wi-Fi ID and password ready and launch the OPTEX Vision app.

      1 2 3 setting up optex vision app

      Full Installation video can be watched here:

      Step by step guide - How to install a VXI-CMOD camera module

      Now that you have successfully upgraded your VXI sensor to the VXI-CMOD, you have a sensor-led visual verification solution. When the VXI sensor detects a person or vehicle it will trigger the camera module to send an instant notification to the paired mobile phone(s). Via the dedicated App OPTEX Vision on the paired mobile phones, user can access the live video and audio of the scene as well as the recorded events. Find out more about the VXI-CMOD kit solution.