The high resolution REDSCAN RLS-2020 series is used for many different applications outdoor such as façade and roof protection and indoor acting as a virtual ceiling or shield to protect assets. To monitor that the sensor is performing at its best, the sensor’s lens should be monitored and maintained correctly.

When setting up your REDSCAN RLS-2020 LiDAR, enabling the Soling of the Laser Window setting will ensure you are notified when the lens is becoming dirty. If disabled, dirt will build up on the lens until eventually the detection is disqualified. As part of the settings, the Judgement Time, which is how long it takes for the detector to detect something can be adjusted and so can the Area Ratio, which is the size of an object you wish to detect. Default settings should be sufficient if the RLS-2020 LiDAR is connected to a security system using analogue contact, the soiling of the lens alarm will show as “trouble”, if the sensor is connected to a video systems using the IP integration then it will come up as “Soiling of Laser Window”.

Capture rls 2020 screenshot

How to clean the lens

Cleaning of the lens is a needed maintenance task, either triggered by the Soiling of the Lens alert or as part of a regular maintenance plan. It is important to follow the cleaning procedure described below to avoid damaging the lens during the process and also avoid pushing any dirt or dust particles inside the LiDAR’s mechanism.

What you need:

  • A PH2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • An antistatic cleaning brush
  • Clean microfibre cloth
  1. Disconnect the REDSCAN Mini from the power.  
  2. Unscrew the front cover retaining screw and remove the front cover. 
  3. Once the cover has been removed, use the antistatic cleaning brush to dust off any loose particles on the lens and the edges.  
  4. Then, spray clean water onto a clean micro fibre cloth to dampen it, it shouldn’t drip, and gently wipe off the dirt on the lens.  
  5. If the dirt doesn’t come off with water, our tech team recommend to use a foam cleanser.

Please note, no chemicals should be used as these may damage the lens and the ability to detect.

Replacing the lens

In the eventuality that the lens cannot be cleaned - we have seen examples of lenses being sprayed with wall paint – then it is recommended to replace the lens.

1. Removing the Laser window Lens : Insert the Hex 3mm ball end key into the hole in the laser window and pull outwards using the window as the lever.  

Optex tech tip rls 2020 maintenance remove lens1 2

2. Pull off the laser window and install the new one. Have the two locating pins at the bottom of the laser window, are inserted then close the laser window.

3. Push the top part of the laser window until there is a click. The window is locked. The front cover may be installed and the RLS-2020 mini is ready to use.  

Optex tech tip rls 2020 maintenance replace lens1 2

If a lens has become damaged, it will affect the performance of the LiDAR and we recommend to replace the lens.

The part number for the RLS-2020 lens is RLS-LW.

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