ONVIF is a non-profit organistion that, since 2008, leads the standardisation of interfaces for the effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products. ONVIF has a comprehensive global member base comprising leading camera, video management system and access control manufacturers and companies.

OPTEX has been a member of ONVIF since July 2019. Being a member allows our IP detection sensors, such as REDSCAN Pro LiDARs, to integrate with other devices in the security network system using standard communication protocols instead of proprietary ones; this enables easier integration and provides our customers with more flexibility and ease of implementation.

There are seven different ONVIF Profiles – A, C, D, G, M, S, & T – and together over 25,000 conformant products.

At OPTEX we have several products that conform to ONVIF Profile S. This standard communication protocol enables our IP sensor products to be configured with flexibility by allowing video streaming and alarm transmission with the assistance of cameras found within the IP product units. The integration also enables video analytics to be streamed back to the Video Management System (VMS) for maintenance checks, assistance during set-up, or as a way of verifying alarms.

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For our REDSCAN Pro LiDAR detectors specifically, ONVIF Profile S allows the built-in camera to communicate directly with recorders and VMS platforms, allowing us to harness the power of the complementary technologies offered by our integration partners to achieve the most effective security system.

As OPTEX expands our presence with products deployed in some of the world’s most critical security sites, it is essential for us to use the standard communication protocols that ONVIF offers to be able to communicate with our industry partners on an open-source interface, and in turn present our customers the flexibility and ease of use that they have come to expect from the solutions we offer.