25 October 2023

The latest addition to the award-winning REDSCAN LiDAR series, OPTEX’s REDSCAN mini-Pro sensor series has been named the Best Alarms & Detection Product at the Detektor International Awards 2023.

Banner Detektor 2023 award

The award recognises products and solutions that demonstrate outstanding innovation and deliver a clear contribution to the further development and advancement of the security industry. The prestige associated with Detektor International Awards is derived from the fact that there is no formal entry process. Instead, each year, the panel of jurors analyse the security market to discover, nominate and vote the products which demonstrate the most innovation, versatility and user-friendliness.

In their analysis, the jury commended the sensors for its accuracy and flexibility, and said: “The sensors are designed for extremely fast, precise and reliable detection in all weather conditions. REDSCAN mini-Pro offers a convincing winning concept to meet the toughest challenges in perimeter surveillance applications.”

Providing an extra layer of security intelligence, the REDSCAN mini-Pro features an integrated camera that allows verification of the cause of the alarm, while simultaneously recording and saving video footage and detailed logs for post-event analysis. Thanks to its IR LED with adjustable light sensitivity, the sensor can provide 24/7 surveillance of premises in any lighting conditions. The detection is not affected by weather, temperature or light changes, which guarantees consistent and accurate performance all year round and in a multitude of high-security applications.

Designed to work in both indoor and outdoor short-range applications, the sensors can be mounted horizontally to create invisible laser planes to protect roofs, skylights and ceilings or vertically to create virtual laser walls to protect high-value assets, perimeter gates or facades. By analysing the size, location and distance of moving or loitering objects, the sensors accurately and precisely detect intruders to a range of 20mx20m.

The award was accepted by Mark Cosgrave, OPTEX Divisional Director – Western Europe, during the ceremony which took place on 24 October at Stockholm International Fair, in conjunction with Sectech 2023. “We are delighted to be recognised with this prestigious award, which acknowledges the hard work of our engineers and our global team, and the continued focus of OPTEX on the development of best-in-class sensing and detection solutions for our customers,” says Mark.