17 January 2024

The Innovation Gallery has once again awarded OPTEX in the 'Security' category for its latest generation LiDAR REDSCAN mini-Pro, which represents an important contribution to technological development in the sector.

The Innovation Gallery is an initiative promoted by SICUR, the International Security Exhibition, to recognise the research, development and innovation work of companies in the security sector. Once again, OPTEX wins its place in the Gallery with one of its innovative detection sensors.

The OPTEX REDSCAN mini-Pro is the latest evolution in security detection that fuses the accuracy of 2D LiDAR technology with the capabilities of an advanced surveillance camera. It has been inducted into the Innovation Gallery thanks to the outstanding features described below.

Wide range of applications

The sensor creates high-resolution virtual walls or laser planes with a detection range of 20 x 20 metres at 95 degrees. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically both indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for securing, for example, narrow corridors, glass facades, doors, flat roofs, skylights, as well as high-security entrances and perimeters.


2D LiDAR technology enables ultra-fast and accurate detection of the location, size and exposure time of an object, drastically reducing false alarms and ensuring the authenticity of all alarms generated.
Video verification camera

The REDSCAN mini-Pro, in its RLS-2020V model, has an integrated FHD camera that allows real-time verification of what triggered the alarm and records and saves up to 500 events in the internal memory so that they can be analysed even at a later time.

IR LED illuminators

The IR LED illuminators built into the REDSCAN mini-Pro have adjustable light sensitivity and allow 24/7 monitoring of the premises in any lighting conditions, even in complete darkness. They have the ability to adjust according to the distance to the target, avoiding overexposure and ensuring clear images regardless of the lighting level.

ONVIF compatibility and NETWORK security

The REDSCAN mini-Pro supports ONVIF protocol (Profile S), allowing it to send alarm outputs and video to any ONVIF-compliant VMS or IP network device, as well as seamlessly integrate with other devices in the security network system. It also supports security networks such as HTTPS, SNMPv3 and IEEE802.1X, providing a secure connection.

Dynamic map transmission

Photos and map images can be used to overlay the detection area for better situational analysis. When an alarm is generated, the detection area or object position can be sent to ONVIF compatible software/devices.

High environmental resistance

The sensor has excellent resistance to environmental factors and is designed to operate from very cold temperatures of -40°C to +60°C, without being affected by rain, snow, wind or strong light.From 27 February to 1 March, visitors to SICUR will be able to see first-hand how the REDSCAN mini-Pro works through live product demonstrations at the OPTEX stand at IFEMA, Madrid.

The Innovation Gallery has once again awarded OPTEX in the 'Security' category

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