CHeKT software empowers businesses to grow their security infrastructure seamlessly as their needs evolve. With encrypted data connections and secure cloud storage, your sensitive information remains protected. The software supports a wide range of camera and sensor types, allowing for a tailored security solution that integrates with existing hardware. Additionally, advanced intrusion detection technologies, deep learning analytics and facial recognition help optimize site performance by reducing nuisance alarms. Embrace smart technology, upgrade remotely, and enjoy the benefits of an advanced security solution with CHEKT.


The CHeKT software allows you to grow your security as the needs and requirements of your site grow. Allowing for sites to be optimised without any disruption. Furthermore, it allows you to bring multiple sites from around the globe into a central location from where they can be managed. It gives you secure access to your sites across multiple platforms. From the portal, you have access to all systems that have been set up, all of which can be managed by your security integrator.


OPTEX and CHeKT have created a system that not only meets your security needs but also secures your security with all data connections encrypted with SSL/TLS. All video data is encrypted when being transferred, and the software allows for all devices to be secured on a subnet. We also operate with secure cloud data retention storage which is customizable to your site. As standard we store 30 days of critical data. CHeKT is an open protocol solution, with multiple third-party integrations. The software is both backwards and forwards compatible creating an IoT solution without infrastructure upgrades.


CheKT works with multiple camera and sensor types on a single site because it uses ONVIF standards created to enable devices to communicate with each other. It enables businesses to retain existing hardware and creates a completely bespoke security solution. Smart technology can also be integrated into existing security systems if required. Such cloud-based technology can also grow as the business grows. All the current on-site technology can be updated remotely and replaced over time as it becomes outdated or as sites expand and needs change. Through the cloud, multiple sites across multiple geographies can be optimised individually, at a reasonable cost and without disrupting day to day activities.

System Analytics

The software is both backwards and forwards compatible creating an IoT solution without infrastructure upgrades. CHeKT software allows you to integrate smart technology into your security system. To help reduce nuisance alarms we are integrated with intrusion detection sensors, deep learning analytics, facial recognition, and man-down software technology partners. Helping to optimise your site and ensure only the alarms that are required trigger.


The OPTEX CHeKT platform offers capabilities for your security to be managed on multiple levels. Have access that allows your security team to manage all connected devices, management of alarms via your own security setup, or your chosen security monitoring partner and the ability to view and manage events and alarms from the comfort of your own phone via an end user app.

Integrator Portal:

The CHeKT integrator Portal gives integrators a platform to manage all their connected devices. All installed cameras and devices can be managed remotely without the need to port-forward a single device. Traditional alarm zones and sensors become IoT devices, providing dealers with the tools they need to scale into small and large deployments

Monitoring Portal:

A control center’s most critical function is accurately and consistently responding to alarm signals. This is where the CHeKT Monitoring Portal separates itself from other video verifi cation solutions. When an alarm signal is received by a control room, the operator has instant access to event video and live video of the monitored location. In addition, the operator can share events with the client or emergency responding agencies. The operators can also be given audio talk down and local relay control by the installing integrators

End User App:

The CHeKT end user app, allows the user to view the events that have occurred, and to see the live view of the camera’s on site. In addition, CHeKT software allows you to make customisable automation rules to manage your site. Furthermore it gives the ability, if desired, to be able to arm and disarm the site remotely, meaning that you can have sites that are flexible to your security needs

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