Regeneration for Indoor detection

CDX Series are Grade 3 indoor detectors for residential and commercial applications, equiped with digital quad zone logic, active IR digital antimasking and tough microwave module.

Digital quad zone logic

The CDX series features 82 detection dense zones. In the detection coverage, 4 or more zones must be crossed to distinguish between human and small animal detection. In addition, CDX series features the digital MPU "CORE PLATFORM" for reliable and accurate performance.

Active IR digital antimasking

The CDX series uses AIR technology to detect masking. To realize a stable performance, the CDX series differentiate between true masking and other masking caused by environmental changes such as dust/dirt adhesion, temperature changes and direct light by optimizing it's sensitivity.

Tough Microwave module

Most of combination detectors use an universal MW module. OPTEX developed an original MW module specially designed for security detectors. This stabilize the detection performance from natural degradation to realize a long operating life.