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Product Details

The ViiK OVS-01GT is a dual technology vehicle detection sensor designed to be used in conjunction with an automatic gate, barrier or industrial door. Mounted above the ground, it will detect a vehicle arriving at a speed of 2 to 20km/h and then stopping. Vehicle detection is ensured by a combination of microwave and ultrasonic wave. In many cases, it can replace a ground loop sensor or video based sensors.

Installation with no groundwork

The ViiK vehicle sensor detects small and large vehicles within a 5.5m range without using any in-ground device. There is no need for civil engineering work, making the installation non disruptive and an ideal replacement to induction loop in areas difficult to dig. The calibration is done easily with a quick distance and sensitivity adjustment settings.

Reliable Detection in any lighting conditions

The technology used in the OVS-01GT car sensor is a combination of microwave and ultrasonic The microwave sensor can detect the presence of a vehicle based on FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave). This technology as opposed to video-based vehicle detection systems is not affected by lighting conditions.

For gate, barrier, industrial door activation

The ViiK OVS-01GT has been designed to activate the operator of an automatic gate, barrier or industrial door using relay output. The vehicle detector provides reliable detection even in harsh environments such as dust, rain, and snow; it has a built-in heater allowing an operation range up to -30 degree Celsius.

Key Features

  • Above ground vehicle sensor - no civil engineering work required
  • Combined FMCW (Microwave) and ultrasonic technology
  • Vehicle presence and activation sensor for gate, barrier, and industrial door
  • Detecting vehicles at a speed from 2 to 20km/h