Go-Secure Solutions, which specialises in specifying and installing smart security solutions for residential, commercial and private properties, has selected OPTEX’s range of Intelligent Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors for their reliability in detecting external threats to protect a private residence

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The property, located near the village of Waterfoot in East Renfrewshire, is situated on the end of a country road with open fields at the back and on both sides. There are also a number of low walls surrounding the property, making it vulnerable to unauthorised access and intrusion attempts. The homeowner turned to Go-Secure to recommend a solution to provide greater peace of mind.

Following a review of the property and consultation with the customer, Go-Secure specified a wireless alarm system, comprising a series of OPTEX PIR sensors and Texecom alarm panels. Four OPTEX WXI panoramic sensors, and a single BXS outdoor curtain sensor have been installed around the property and its approach, providing full detection coverage of the property, driveway and rear garden.

The WXI sensors provide 180-degree 12m detection coverage with independent left and right detection zones, and BXS sensors provide 12m curtain detection on each side allowing to protect the large façade with just one sensor. The sensors are also tolerant to small pets/animals, which means they will not trigger false alarms if cats, small dogs or foxes/badgers enter the detection area. The detection capacity is also not affected by variable lighting, vegetation sway or changes in the weather, making them ideal for the rural setting.

The sensors are fully integrated with a series of BGR01 wireless transmitters which communicate with the Texecom security panels. When an alarm is triggered, the transmitters can pinpoint which sensor has been triggered to help quickly identify where an intrusion has occurred. The new solution is also fully integrated with the CCTV cameras installed at the property, which means the customer can easily monitor all systems and verify any alarms instantly via their smartphone or tablet to determine if any action is needed.

Stephen Cobain, Managing Director at Go-Secure Solution says the solution provides a flexible and reliable approach to external intrusion detection: “OPTEX’s range of PIRs are highly accurate and reliable, which is critical when specifying outdoor detection to protect people, property and assets. The sensors were very quick and easy to install and seamlessly integrated with the Texecom panels."

“The pet tolerance feature, in particular, is crucial and gives the homeowner the assurance that the system will not be disturbed by nuisance alarms caused by pets or small wildlife and only trigger when necessary.“