The Kikkoman factory site in Hoogezand-Sappemeer in The Netherlands had an issue with a malfunctioning barrier system at its site entrance which allowed speeding and unwanted visitors, creating a safety hazard and financial damage. After replacing the barriers and installing the OPTEX OVS-01GT vehicle sensors, these daily issues belonged to the past.


A customer of OPTEX, Pass Toegangstechniek, was invited by the Japanese multinational Kikkoman at their site at Sappemeer in The Netherlands to

offer a solution for their site entrance. The currently used barrier lacked in safety and reliability, though it has an important role as it keeps out intruders and slows down the trucks and vehicles that enter the site. A quick and efficient solution was requested.


The barrier is located at the periphery of the factory site as an access barrier for trucks and other vehicles. Upon entering the site all vehicles must announce their presence via the intercom or card verification after which the barrier opens. After 17h00 a complementary gate is used to additionally exclude unwanted pedestrian visitors.


In the current situation one large barrier is used, which was already defect two years after installation. During these two years it also hasn’t been functioning properly for most of the time. Besides, the barrier closes to early causing damage to trucks and goods. The biggest issue though is that the site became accessible too easily due to the malfunctioning barrier. This resulted in speeding, intruders, and a regular theft of stainless steel.


It was clear that this situation needed to improve quickly. To solve the problem two barriers were installed, both equipped with the OPTEX OVS-01GT sensor to provide safety and activation. This sensor is ideal for its above ground installation because compared to ground loops:

1. this sensor isn’t triggered by a moving steal gate, which rules out unnecessary openings.

2. The sensor offers easy installation and maintenance and provides an overall more cost-effective solution.

3. The improved detection area increases the safety and security level.


Using the two barrier gates accompanied by the OPTEX OVS-01GT Kikkoman ruled out the unwanted guest at their site, reduced the speeding by truckdrivers, and prevented the goods from being stolen. Besides their own advantages, it also benefits the truckdrivers as the barrier will not close before the whole truck has passed, so the truck nor the goods will be damaged.


The implementation of the overall solution has surpassed the expectations of Kikkoman. The barrier struggles belong to the past and Kikkoman no longer deals with malfunctions that cause long lasting entrance shutdowns. The OVS-01GT sensors have significantly improved the safety, security and efficiency for the company, the employees and the truckdrivers.

Kikkoman site entrance 01