Ksenia has implemented two interfaces that integrate perfectly with OPTEX wireless sensors from the BXS, VXS, WXI, WXS, QXI series, allowing complete remote management, via the Ksenia SecureWeb cloud or the free Ksenia Pro App. The two devices are called ‘matrix’ and ‘matrix BUS’, and differ in the way used to communicate with the control panel. matrix is via radio and matrix BUS is a wired expansion module that gives the opportunity to connect the sensors to the Ksenia BUS.


Bidirectional universal radio interface for connecting third-party low power consumption motion detectors to the Ksenia lares 4.0 platform, at 868 MHz frequency band, allowing their remote management. matrix directly feeds the connected motion detector with its own standard CR 123A batteries, from 1 to 3 batteries dependently on the consumption of the connected motion detector.

matrix BUS

Wired expansion board that gives the opportunity to add one zone to the control panel and allows to connect the OPTEX sensors to the Ksenia BUS. Once connected to the matrix BUS, it is possible to carry out the configuration remotely through Ksenia SecureWeb, or via Ksenia Pro App. matrix BUS is ultra compact and does not require any battery because it is powered by the KS-BUS.

Compatibility table for Data/ Event Reading

OPTEX productAlarmTamperAnti-masking
BXS-R/RAMYes, left/ rightYesYes
WXI-R/RAMYes, left/ rightYesYes
WXS-RAM/RDAMYes, left/ rightYesYes

Compatibility table for Device Parameter Control

OPTEX productLED On/ OffBattery savingDay/ night settingsPIR SensitivityPIR Pulse controlAuto Environmental adjustmentAM setting
BXS-R/RAMYesYesn/aYes, including extreme modeYesn/aYes
VXS -RAM/RDAMYesYesn/aYesYesYes (MW)Yes
QXI-R/RDTYesYesn/aYesYesYes (MW)n/a

The integration has been made and is managed by Ksenia.

Integration Ksenia and OPTEX sensors

Optex ksenia schematic integration

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