Vaelsys integrates with OPTEX's Akribos people counter and can collect data using the device's built-in MQTT mechanism to provide a real-time people counting solution. Vaelsys has a range of packages targetted to customer needs, whether it is a people counting solution to manage access control and occupancy levels in store (Easy Count) or scalable packages of the Datacenter software providing customers with the full data analytics and reporting. Based in Iberia, Vaelsys solutions are available Europe-wide.

Vaelsys graphic people counting solutions

Compatibility with Akribos and Software information

SoftwareCloud optionTransfer protocolsReal time (MQTT)Digital IOMaximum countersData AccessibilityReportingAccess Control ScreenOther outputs / Alerts
Datacenter StandardYesHTTPYesYes4SQLYes (graphic)YesEmail alert
Datacenter ProfessionalYesHTTPYesYes24SQLYes (graphic and cvs)YesEmail alert
Datacenter EnterpriseYesHTTPYesYes200SQLYes (graphic and cvs)YesEmail alert

Integration schematic VAELSYS and OPTEX Akribos

Vaelsys optex akribos integration schematic

VAELSYS Company profile

VAELSYS is a pioneering business, their work is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that facilitate the exploitation of data contained in videos and images. The possibility to have a multi-analytics platform gives them a lot of flexibility and versatility. In addition to the integration with the OPTEX Akribos people counter, VAELSYS can integrated with any OPTEX intrusion detectors to communicate and most importantly to visually verify all the events.

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