The AP Series is our new range of ultra-compact and discrete recess-mount detectors which can seamlessly blend with its surroundings and detect movement, making them ideal for indoor security and building/ home automation.

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The series caters to diverse detection needs with two specialised ranges. The AP-360B/BR offers 360-volumetric detection, making it ideal for open spaces such as reception areas and open-plan offices where comprehensive coverage is essential. On the other hand, the AP-20NB/NBR specialises in curtain-type narrow detection, providing targeted monitoring for specific areas near windows or narrow aisles. This choice of models ensures that users can choose the sensor that aligns better with their unique challenges and requirements.

AP-360B for 360-degree security and automation

The AP-360B/BR models can be used both for intrusion detection, as well as for light control and home/building automation applications, such as triggering escalators, air conditioning, CCTV and audio announcement systems. They work by detecting movement in a 6m 360-degree volumetric area, perfect for use in offices, lobbies, and other rooms where it is necessary to automate a function as people move around.

Automatic lighting and other home/building automation applications offer great convenience and energy efficiency. When a person enters a room or area, the AP sensor detects their movement and triggers the lights to turn on. This eliminates the need for manual switches and ensures that air conditioning or lights are only on when needed, resulting in energy savings and reduced electricity costs.

AP-20NB for narrow detection, vertical or horizontal mount

The AP-20NB model is suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. In vertical mount it works by creating a narrow detection area up to 6m and alerting of any movement close to windows or doors. In horizontal mount, it can create a plane detection area ideal to protect corridors or ceilings.

Discrete installation

In addition to its compact size, the recess mount installation ensures that the AP sensors fit discretely into the wall or ceiling. From residential living rooms to modern office spaces, the sensors unassuming presence conceals a robust technology that keeps spaces secure and automated without dominating the visual landscape.

We also offer a recess-mount with an 86-type box installation using the included decorative plate. To further adapt seamlessly in any site, the AP sensors have a flexible mounting height of 2.5m to 4.5m.

Selectable sensitivity to adapt to ambience conditions

In all of the AP series models, the detection sensitivity can be set to low, medium or high. This adjustment determines how easily the sensor will trigger an alarm or activate a device in response to detected motion, with the choice of sensitivity options you can help the sensor adapt to the ambient conditions and prevent false triggers.

Wireless models and energy saving mode

In battery-operated models (AP-360BR and AP-20NBR) it is possible to enable the Battery Saving Timer with a choice between 5 seconds to 120 seconds (default), which helps to significantly reduce power consumption and maximise lifespan of the battery.