Outdoor volumetric protection with an infrared sensor is good, but in challenging environments and conditions, dual-technology sensors provide greater benefits.

Dual-technology sensors, also known as dual-tech detectors, combine passive infrared (PIR) technology, which detects heat coming from warm bodies, and microwave technology, which detects motion. The alarm will only be triggered when both the PIR and the microwave sensor activate, for instance when an intruding object/person has been detected by both technologies.

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Dual-technology sensors are usually recommended for challenging weather conditions and environments where factors, such as strong sunlight, could quickly raise the infrared energy level and may trigger the alarm. Thanks to the microwave technology, these environmental changes would not generate an alarm and only if a new person or object enter the detection area will the sensor trigger an alert. The microwave and passive infrared technologies are providing a double volumetric detection and can be referred to as bi-volumetric sensors.

As the dual-technology sensors are using both the passive infrared and the microwave technologies to confirm the detection, it reduces drastically the risk of false alarms created by sudden changes of light or heat. OPTEX’s bi-volumetric sensors reduce the impact of any potential radio frequency disturbance and feature an extra protection against sun and light disturbances. They detect with consistent sensibility throughout the whole detection range and even in environment where the ambient and body temperature are only marginally different. They provide reliable and performant detection in environment with strong sunlight and even when car headlights are shone straight at them.

Outdoor intrusion motion detectors protect the area around the house or building, such as a balcony, patio, garden or driveway, allowing to detect intruders before they break in. For an intrusion detection sensor to perform well, it should provide reliable detection and minimise nuisance alarms. Thanks to their design (dual pyro element) and algorithms, OPTEX outdoor sensors can distinguish between small to medium size animals and individuals. In addition to their outstanding detection performance, the two in one sensors are cost effective and easy to install.

What makes OPTEX outdoor sensors so reliable:

  • 100% digital, featuring our patented SMDA logic (Super Multidimensional Analysis) to recognise what has been detected and differentiate between genuine intrusions and a number of nuisance alarms.
  • Extreme high detection mode for the BXS series
  • Flexible detection range (up to 12m)
  • Quality and design of the lens to provide high performance detection
  • Quality of the pyro element used
  • Antenna resistant to radio interference
  • ASA component in the housing
  • 150 tests before release
  • Works with any alarm panels

OPTEX offers a wider range of dual-technology models, wired and wireless, high and low mount. You can have a look here