28 September 2023 - Mark Cosgrave

Featured in: Market Insights, Intrusion detection

In a rapidly evolving world where security threats constantly evolve, the need for cutting-edge technology solutions that can keep pace without faltering becomes paramount. The REDSCAN mini-Pro – now available across EMEA – is an innovative solution that melds the precision of LiDAR technology with the advanced capabilities of a surveillance camera. We delve into why the REDSCAN mini-Pro stands at the forefront of security detection, offering unmatched reliability and performance.

REDSCAN mini Pro headline image

The REDSCAN mini-Pro redefines the landscape of security surveillance with its cutting-edge features.

Precision intelligent analytics

At the heart of the REDSCAN mini-Pro's exceptional capabilities lies the use of 2D LiDAR, a precision-driven technology that sets the device apart, making it highly accurate and reliable in many different environments – even in complete darkness and complex high-risk high-security locations. Where traditional surveillance devices struggle with discerning depth, the REDSCAN mini-Pro accurately detects objects with the right perspective – whether an object is right next to the sensor or at the farthest point of its detection range.

Ultra-fast alerts

The sensor continuously scans the detection area, emitting a laser beam that returns after hitting an object. This process allows for quick and precise object detection while calculating size, location, and distance from the sensor. Object detection occurs in under 100 milliseconds and all processing takes place within the sensor itself, resulting in near real-time alerts. This eliminates the need to relay information back to a server, ensuring faster data transmission and immediate action.

Real-time visualisation

For immediate response and post-event analysis, the REDSCAN mini-Pro boasts an optional built-in FHD camera (available in the RLS-2020V model). Real-time footage enables instant verification of alarm triggers, while images are saved in the internal memory for thorough post-event analysis. The visualisation of the camera is also a useful aid in the configuration process, allowing to create a laser guideline in the detection area which can help in the installation and walk test process.

Adaptive illumination

Low-light conditions can pose a challenge for conventional surveillance devices. The REDSCAN mini-Pro camera has built-in IR illuminators that offer optimised visibility. These illuminators adjust according to the target's distance, preventing overexposure and ensuring clear images, regardless of lighting conditions.

Multipurpose LiDAR sensing

REDSCAN mini-Pro's LiDAR sensor excels in multitasking, simultaneously executing multiple detection parameters, eliminating the need for multiple units, streamlining your security setup, and reducing costs. It enables the creation of precise alert scenarios with up to eight different detection zones. This level of customization allows operators to set multiple rules across various areas, adapting to the specific requirements of a site or equipment, for instance alerting if a target is moving in a certain direction or if different detection areas are crossed.

Interactivity and enhanced network security

The REDSCAN mini-Pro is IP-based, allowing seamless connectivity and programming via a web interface. IT managers benefit from convenience and peace of mind, as the device incorporates industry-leading protection to thwart potential hacking threats.

Integration capabilities

Thanks to ONVIF compatibility, the REDSCAN mini-Pro effortlessly integrates with various third-party platforms, including Video Management Systems (VMS) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

A new feature that enhances the power of the ONVIF integration is that photos and map images can be used to overlap the detection area and deliver better situational awareness. Either ‘Scan area’ or ‘object position’ can be sent to ONVIF compliant software/devices when an alarm occurs.

Enhanced environmental resistance

The REDSCAN mini-Pro is designed to excel in every environment. It features an auto-adjustment area that adapts to ground-level variations and environmental resistance functions that guarantee effective detection even in harsh weather conditions. It operates seamlessly within a temperature range from -40 to +60 degrees, ensuring robust performance in diverse settings.


LiDAR is an extremely versatile technology that can be used for many different applications. REDSCAN mini-Pro can be used indoors and outdoors, will automatically adjust to different conditions and times of day, and can be installed vertically, horizontally or angled. This means it is highly adaptable to different threat levels and with a detection covering 20 x 20 m (or 30m at 95-degrees in expansion mode), it enables also to secure a wide range of locations.

In vertical orientation, REDSCAN mini-Pro can create a virtual wall on narrow corridors or by glass facades. It can also create a double protection in gates and vulnerable areas in high-security perimeters.

In horizontal orientation, REDSCAN mini-Pro can protect flat roofs, especially if there are skylights or open spaces with access to courtyards, and can also be installed to protect false ceilings and underfloor space.

The REDSCAN mini-Pro represents a significant evolution in security technology. Through over 44 years of experience manufacturing sensors, we understand the diverse needs of international security professionals, and in our latest detector, tailored for reliability, accuracy, integration and surveillance, we underscore our commitment to safeguarding valuables and premises with the highest security requirements. With the REDSCAN mini-Pro, you don't just invest in security; you invest in the future of reliable security surveillance.