Back in 2004, the village of Chorleywood in Hertfordshire was named ‘the happiest place to live in the UK’, with a low crime rate and good community spirit. However, targeted intrusions in rural and remote locations continue to rise, causing increased concern for homeowners looking to protect their property, people and possessions.

This was the case for a young family in the village, who were the victims of a break-in earlier this year. The intruders did not gain access to the property but did steal their Range Rover which was parked on the driveway, causing significant distress and disruption to the family.

The family decided to take action, and turned to local specialists London Integrated Systems (LIS) to recommend a solution. Following a consultation with the family and review of the property, LIS specified and installed a complete security solution that comprises outdoor Infrared beams providing point-to-point detection, curtain sensors and a series of Passive Infrared sensors (PIRs) around the approach to the property.

Optex residential protection wireless case study

To protect the front and rear of the property, an AX-100TFR IR beam has been installed to provide detection across the driveway, as well as in the back garden. The wireless beams, which are also weather resistant, have a detection range of 30m making them ideal for open areas and small perimeters.

A series of eight WXI panoramic PIRs have been installed around the perimeter and the approach to the house, providing full coverage of the property, driveway and rear garden, to provide highly accurate and reliable intrusion detection. The sensors provide 180-degree detection coverage with independent left and right detection zones and are also tolerant to small animals meaning they will not trigger false alarms if cats, small dogs or foxes/badgers enter the detection area. The detection capacity is also not affected by variable lighting, vegetation sway or changes in the weather, making them ideal for the rural setting.

In addition, three BXS curtain sensors have been installed alongside the façade of the property to provide protection for side windows, as well as patio doors.

The sensors are fully integrated with a series of BGR01 wireless transmitters which communicate with the Texecom security panels. When an alarm is triggered, the transmitters can pinpoint which sensor has been triggered to help identify where an intrusion has occurred. The new solution is also fully integrated with the CCTV cameras that LIS have installed at the property, which means the customer can easily monitor all systems, and verify any alarms instantly via their smartphone or tablet to determine if any action is needed.

Bernard Buchweitz, Director of London Integrated Systems, has been working with OPTEX for more than 20 years, and says the new solution provides a flexible and reliable approach to perimeter protection: “We have worked in close partnership with OPTEX for a number of years and have found their range of sensors extremely accurate.

“We worked with them to develop this new security solution that provides complete protection of the property and perimeter. The break-in was very traumatic for the family, but since installing the new solution they have not experienced any false alarms or triggers which is helping to give them greater piece of mind.”