17 January 2024

OPTEX selected the RLS-50100V LiDAR detector for the GIT System Test Perimeter Protection. This long-range LiDAR sensor is designed to detect intruders and moving objects in an area of 50 x 100 m without gaps, offering high detection resolution over the entire detection area and is intended as a solution for high-security sites.

The detection area can be divided into up to 8 independent zones, for each target size, sensitivity and output can be adjusted. The system was deployed along the test field behind the perimeter fence in the test.

One advantage of the sensor is that it has a built-in camera that can record alarm events and store logs and video sequences of the alarms on the unit. This makes it easier to verify what triggered an alarm. Camera support has also simplified installation and walk tests. A laser line overlay in the camera view was a useful guide to where the detection area was. The video image was also displayed in the alarm centre, where the evaluation and alarm were based on the REDSCAN Pro firmware version 2.1.0. For example, integration can be done like an IP camera via ONVIF.

We were asked to install our REDSCAN in cooperation with i-Alarmsysteme, to commission, configure and parameterise our system in order to pass the tests successfully. During the tests, a total of 105 scenarios were carried out, based on known perpetrator behaviour and certified test procedures of national as well as international organisations. Real perpetrator behaviour, which is known to the security authorities and the test team from projects in Germany and abroad, in these scenarios, according to the motto “From practice - for practice”. The evaluation of the systems was carried out from the perspective of an employee in a security service control centre. The alarm messages of each individual system were registered and documented at an intruder alarm centre.

The RLS-50100V was mounted on the side of the test site, i.e. at the height of the middle distance range, which is why a direct comparison of the results in the distance ranges with other tested systems is not useful. Over the entire detection range, the REDSCAN solution showed excellent detection and this was independent of clothing type, time of day, camouflage and sabotage attempts. Even at low approaches, which are difficult to detect, the system was successful with very few false alarms. Operation is simple and the built-in camera provides usable images.

Conclusion: LiDAR is a trump card

Read the full test results with GIT Security International

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