Optex vxi cmod head 250x150
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Product Details

The VXI-CMOD is a wireless HD camera module with 180° panoramic angle and night vision that easily integrates with VX Infinity sensors to create a complete intruder detector with visual verification. VXI-CMOD can be retro-fitted onto any existing hardwired VXI models (VXI-ST, VXI-AM, VXI-DAM), fitting snugly on top, creating a single unit visual verification system. When the sensor detects an intruder, the camera module is activated: it records the event and sends a notification through an app called “OPTEX Vision” to the paired mobile phone(s) so the owner or property carer can access the live view and take the appropiate action.

The must-have accessory to your VX Infinity sensor, VXI-CMOD takes outdoor detection to another level.

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Key Features VXI-CMOD

  • WiFi Full HD camera with high quality night vision
  • 180 degree panoramic field of view
  • pre and post alarm recording
  • microphone is integrated
  • led by Europe's best-selling outdoor sensor VXI for reliable alarm activation