The subsiding ground caused detection problems with the induction loop at a site exit. After installing our OPTEX OVS-02GT above-ground vehicle detection sensor, the exit is functioning properly again.


Van der Panne is a scaffolding company for large and small projects. At their location in Hendrik Ido Ambacht in the Netherlands, they store all their materials. Due to this there is a lot of traffic on the premises, from cars to heavy transport. When constructing the premises exit for Van der Panne, Geran Handel B.V. installed an automatic sliding gate and a barrier.


The automatic barrier and sliding gate are situated at the site's exit. Through this exit, a variety of vehicles, from small to heavy transport, leave the premises. During business hours, the sliding gate is already open, and only the barrier is in operation. After business hours, the sliding gate also closes. However, there are instances where shipments are picked up or returned after business hours, necessitating the opening and closing of both the sliding gate and the barrier for exiting vehicles.


The company is located on a site formerly zoned for municipal storage, consisting mainly of mud and loose ground. When Van der Panne started using the site, it was paved and protected by a fence with an automatic sliding gate and barrier. An induction loop was installed for vehicle detection. This worked satisfactorily; though unfortunately, the ground started to subside.

Recently, the ground loop was no longer functioning accurately, likely due to the subsidence. Van der Panne raised this issue with Geran Handel B.V., and together they began searching for an alternative solution for vehicle detection to address future subsidence and the potential problems associated with it. While the repair is necessary, Van der Panne is hesitant because it would mean that the exit cannot be used for several hours or even days, and multiple companies would need to collaborate simultaneously to fix the current application.

Case Study OVS 02 GT Geran installation 2


The primary issue at the site is the unstable ground, making above-ground vehicle detection more suitable. Geran Handel B.V. has had positive experiences with our OVS-01GT, so there was no hesitation in introducing our recently launched OVS-02GT, which offers a larger and more accurate detection area for vehicle detection. The OVS-02GT also disregards pedestrian traffic to prevent unwanted gate and barrier openings. Mounting the sensor on the gate control housing and using the installation app for setting adjustments was a quick and straightforward process. The system was up and running again in no time, with only one party involved in installing the new sensor solution.

Case Study OVS 02 GT USP


By using the OVS-02GT above-ground vehicle sensor, the Van der Panne site's exit now functions as intended, opening and closing only when necessary for exiting vehicles. The gate and barrier combination is fully operational, preventing unwanted vehicles or pedestrians from entering the site. During installation, the exit remained accessible, and the brief setting adjustment period minimized inconvenience.

Case Study OVS 02 GT Geran illustration


Implementing the OVS-02GT solution has satisfied Van der Panne as it quickly restored the site's perimeter closure to its intended state. This solution proved to be an excellent alternative to the induction loop, as it is not affected by challenging ground conditions, such as areas prone to subsidence, flooding, or restricted groundwork in public areas. Geran Handel B.V. was highly content with the installation of the OVS-02GT, thanks to its swift mounting and installation process.