The integration has been made and is managed by Milestone, except for Fiber Commander which is managed by Fiber Sensys.

OPTEX productMilestone compatible softwareDevice SupervisionStatus EventsCommunication protocolX/Y Coordinates (REDSCAN only)
REDSCAN RLS-2020 / All versionsXProtect® 2018 R3YesAlarm , Trouble, TamperTCPNo
REDSCAN RLS-3060L / SH All versionsXProtect® 2018 R3YesAlarm , Trouble, TamperTCPNo
REDSCAN Pro RLS-3060V / RLS-50100VXProtect® 2018 R3YesAlarm, Trouble, TamperONVIF Provile-SNo
PIE-1 / All versionsXProtect® 2018 R3YesAlarm , Trouble, TamperTCPN/A
Fiber Commander / version numberXProtect® 2018 R3YesAlarm, Trouble, TamperTCPN/A

Note: PIE-1 is available throughout EMEA. For other regions, please check with your local OPTEX team. Click here to find out the details of OPTEX companies and subsidiaries.

Integration schematic Milestone and OPTEX sensors

Optex vms integration schematic PIE 1 Redscan Pro Fibre optic AP Us

Milestone company profile

Milestone Systems is a global leader in providing open platform IP video surveillance software. Milestone has provided easy-to-use, powerful video management software in more than 200,000 installations, worldwide. Milestone XProtect provides open architecture products that are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders, and digital video recorders than any other manufacturer. Because Milestone provides an open platform, you can integrate today’s best business solutions and expand what’s possible with future innovations.

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