The Integration has been made and is managed by VAELSYS.

OPTEX product Vaelsys compatible software Device Supervision Status Events Connection protocol X/Y Coordinates
Redscan RLS-3060 / All versionsVaelsys V4YesAlarm, Trouble, TamperTCP/IP
Redscan RLS-2020 / All versionsVaelsys V4
YesAlarm, Trouble, Tamper TCP/IP
PIE-1 / All versionsVaelsys V4
Yes Alarm, Trouble, Tamper TCP/IP

Note: PIE-1 is available throughout EMEA. For other regions, please check with your local OPTEX team. Click here to find out the details of OPTEX companies and subsidiaries.

Integration schematic VAELSYS and OPTEX sensors

Schematic Vaelsys

VAELSYS Company profile

We are a pioneering business, our work is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that facilitate the exploitation of data contained in videos and images. The possibility to have a multi-analytics platform gives us a lot of flexibility and versatility. The integration with the OPTEX R.E.C protocol and the possibility to integrate with any OPTEX device through an I/O module allows us to integrate, communicate and most importantly to visually verify all the events generated by an OPTEX device, giving smart “eyes” to clients on any installation protected by OPTEX-VAELSYS.

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