30 October 2023

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FlipX Professional is the latest addition to our renowned FlipX indoor sensor series, designed to secure businesses and educational facilities, from supermarkets and high-street retail outlets all the way to school classrooms and office spaces. What makes it special?

Flipx pro banner

Wide coverage or narrow detection all in one unit

Whether you need to secure a supermarket aisle stretching up to 24m or an open-plan office extending 15m at an 85-degree angle, the FlipX Professional is your go-to solution. Its innovative 'flipping' lens, to provide narrow or wide detection in a single unit, ensures that installers no longer need to stock multiple sensors for various spaces, making it a time-saving and cost-effective solution suitable for a wide range of applications.

Flip X Wide and Narrow detectio area

Shielded from nuisance alarms

We understand the frustration of a security system that constantly goes off unnecessarily. Our FlipX Professional sensors come with double conductive shielding to protect against strong lighting or radio frequency interference (RFI).

In addition, all models in the FlipX series have a bespoke pyro-electric sensor equipped with a human-catch element. This smart technology allows the sensor to adapt to the shape of a human, significantly improving its detection performance and reducing significantly false alarms.

A digitally enhanced signal recognition logic, ‘SMDA’, is also a key feature in the FlipX series. This highly developed detection technology helps the sensor avoid nuisance alarms from shades, and changes in temperature or brightness which can be common in indoor settings. With this enhanced digital logic you can get piece of mind that your alarm will not be activated by everyday triggers.

Consistent coverage with spherical lenses

Weak spots in your security system can be an intruder's best friend. FlipX Professional eliminates these vulnerabilities with its specially designed spherical lens. This lens is a common feature across all models in the FlipX Series, ensuring that your entire detection field is consistent, leaving no room for potential intruders to exploit.

Versatility meets ease of installation

We've made installation a breeze with the FlipX Professional. These sensors can be discreetly installed at heights ranging from 2m to 3m. This makes them practically invisible in high-ceilinged office buildings or lecture theaters, protected from vandalism and tampering. The addition of an End-of-line (EOL) resistor socket and a redesigned LED indicator further simplifies the installation process.