Product Details

Accurance R1002 is a reverse detection system with a unique detection algorithm designed to detect backward movement of human(s) in a specific area. The system is suitable for applications to detect suspicious individuals when one-way people flow is in place for security reasons, for instance in an airport, for an efficient facility management or safety purposes, so as to support maintaining social distancing.

The system includes a camera R1002S(E) and a control box R1002CB(E).

How does the solution work?

When an individual crosses between the two lines of pink (A) and light blue (B) in opposite directions, a “Reverse” output will be activated alerting of the person walking in the wrong direction. The following functions are available: detection of persons moving in a given direction, detection of persons staying in a specific area, and multidirectional measurements to grasp traffic flow.

Optex r1002 detection schematic


  • Accurate detection
    An unique detection method [Vector Focal Method] grasps and tracks a shape of human sterically.
  • Reverse detection
    Grasp all human movements and detect only backward movement
  • System corporation
    Enable to be connected with an upper layer system by using no-voltage output from the control box.