The New Generation of LiDAR Security Sensors

For Long Range Indoor and Outdoor Detection

The award-winning OPTEX REDSCAN series of intrusion detection systems just got better. These cutting-edge detectors, the REDSCAN Pro series, have the longest detection range yet. They are highly accurate outdoor and indoor security sensors with LiDAR technology. They have advanced detection capabilities, long-range customisable detection zones and enhanced environmental resistance. This makes them more effective and reliable and enables broad use for many applications.

Read on to learn more about REDSCAN Pro and make an enquiry. Or, check out the rest of the REDSCAN LiDAR security system series, including our shorter-range, REDSCAN Mini, grade 3 advanced security alarm.

Extremely Versatile and Reliable Detection Sensors

The above video showcases how REDSCAN utilises LiDAR to create a virtual plane or wall to protect perimeters, buildings, and assets.

Advanced LiDAR Detection System

The REDSCAN Pro uses advanced onboard analytics to analyse the size and distance of moving objects. It provides accurate point detection by tracking the X & Y coordinates of moving objects. This allows you to know exactly where intruders are, as well as define the type of intrusion based on the size of the object. This can be used to differentiate between people, animals, vehicles, drones and more, and trigger notifications for the right type of intruder, minimising false alarms. Another useful feature is the Pro's ability to define up to 8 detection zones. Each zone has independently configurable parameters, allowing for multiple sensitivity scenarios, e.g., one can detect people, another can detect vehicles, and another could detect both etc.

Two models are available. The RLS-3060V provides 30x60m detection coverage and the RLS-50100V with 50x100m detection coverage:

Optex redscan pro detection areas

Intrusion Detection Sensors with an Integrated Panoramic Camera

The REDSCAN Pro intrusion detection system has an integrated camera to provide visual assistance for configuration and can also be integrated with CCTV systems. This allows you to achieve more with each sensor. The built-in camera is intended as a supplement to, rather than a replacement of security cameras, primarily for post-event analysis. You can record alarm events and save footage of intrusion attempts from the camera.

The camera activates and records when the sensor is triggered, so you can quickly review events for maintenance and security system improvement. Data is secured with the latest encryption standards.

Environmentally Resistant Intrusion Detection System

The REDSCAN Pro intrusion detection system is reliable all year round, no matter the weather. It can operate at a wide range of temperatures, from -20 to 60°C which can be extended to -40 using a heated lens. This makes it a versatile solution for sites across the world, in ordinary or extreme weather conditions. The enhanced environmental resistance reduces false alarms due to harsh environmental conditions. For example, in heavy rain, fog, snow, or strong sunlight. With increasingly extreme weather around the world, these features future-proof your infrastructure.

Dynamic Event Filtering Alarm Systems

The latest firmware update adds dynamic event filtering to the REDSCAN Pro detection sensors. This allows alerts to be further configured to meet specific detection criteria or logic. Alarms can be raised based on the sequence of zone detection or based on multi-zone detection. For example, a detection zone can be considered as two parts - the judgment and the alarm zone. If the object doesn’t enter the alarm zone, no alarm would be triggered.

Intelligent logic can be programmed easily. In a logistics or warehouse environment, for example, smaller vehicles like cars or vans entering the area could be set to trigger alarms but recognised delivery trucks wouldn't. We consistently improve our software with optional firmware updates, ensuring existing security systems can have the latest technological advancements.

Integration with Wall and Fence Systems

REDSCAN Pro has many configuration options designed to work with your existing infrastructure. It can be mounted in many places, such as walls, buildings or on a pole. One of the common outdoor use cases is to detect intrusion past perimeter fences, walls, and other barriers. Unlike some intrusion detection systems, REDSCAN detects intruders regardless of fence type. It doesn't matter whether they are weld mesh, chain link or another type.

REDSCAN Pro provides an extra layer of security ensuring that intruders are detected as they approach, penetrate or circumnavigate your barriers. Depending on your needs, you may use our perimeter detection sensors alongside or instead of a fence-mounted system or even create your own fully virtual wall with the REDSCAN Pro.

How the REDSCAN Pro Series Fits Into a Multi-layered Security System

The REDSCAN Pro works in similar ways throughout a multi-layer security system. The major layers of a physical security system, from the outside in, are the perimeter, approach, building exterior and interior. REDSCAN can be deployed in one, some or all of these layers to create the ultimate detection solution.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

This advanced perimeter intrusion detection system excels at identifying intruders on the perimeter of your facility. It functions as a critical part of both commercial intruder alarm systems and high-security sites, checking set areas of unwanted objects, including people and vehicles. By sensing intruders this early, they can be deterred by sound, light or security teams before the situation gets out of control. Our security systems are made to integrate seamlessly with other security solutions at the same or other layers. For added perimeter protection, we advise integrating REDSCAN Pro with the Fiber Sensys fence-mounted system. However, REDSCAN also works effectively as a standalone solution.

The REDSCAN Pro virtual walls and planes can be set to cover any surface area. A virtual plane can be configured to detect objects around fences and walls on either side, acting as a perimeter breach or early warning system. Or a virtual wall can be configured on, above, below or completely replacing barriers, detecting intruders however they enter your perimeter.

Building Approach Detection

REDSCAN Pro is also useful for detecting intruders approaching your fences, walls, or building. You can customise triggers to only occur when intruders enter a certain proximity field, such as 5 meters away. At this stage, it is common to trigger camera systems, to ensure they are tracking the movement of intruders. This may be your first line of defence if you have no discernible outer perimeter, and you may simply deter intruders at this stage. If intrusion into this area is clearly prohibited, such as in a warehouse security system where REDSCAN Pro is detecting intruders in locked yards, this can trigger an escalated reaction. For example, security teams can be deployed to the area, or building lockdown protocols can be initiated.

Building Exterior Intrusion Detection

You can utilise REDSCANs virtual walls and planes on the surfaces of your buildings. This means that wherever intruders attempt to access your building, whether through a door, window, rooflight or even a wall, you can detect them. We also provide automatic door sensors and other access control systems, so that your doors open for the right people at the right time.

Building Interior Intrusion Detection

Intruders may have breached multiple layers of security at this point, or this can be the first line of defence. In the former situation, you can track movement throughout the building, pinpointing coordinates to enable accurate deployment of security teams and/or countermeasures. The latter situation may involve intruders accessing a private part of an otherwise public building, for example, staff-only areas, or art and museum pieces.

Retail security systems, and security systems for most industries, are at risk of intruders bypassing external security, and accessing protected assets undetected, unless you have interior detection systems. In mansion security systems, you may want to use REDSCAN Pro to detect intruders around valuable assets such as cars or safes.

Redscan awards article
Since its launch, REDSCAN Pro has been recognised as a cutting-edge security technology solution. It has received many prestigious awards such as the Innovation Award at Intersec Dubai 2023 for Perimeter and Commercial Product of the Year. It continues to receive nominations for many industry awards, and our firmware updates ensure it stays at the forefront of security innovation.

Key Technical Features:

  • PoE+ LiDAR sensor, ONVIF Profile S compliant for outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Analytics recognise moving objects’ size and distance from the unit.
  • Long-range customisable vertical or horizontal detection.
  • Built-in panoramic assistance camera, for easy installation and alarm event review.
  • Eight independent detection zones, with configurable sensitivity levels. Some detection zones can be set as pre-warnings and others as immediate alarms.
  • Compliant with HTTPS, SNMPv3, IEEE802.1X protocols for secure network communication.
  • Dynamic event filtering.
  • Available from local distributors around the world.

Common Applications

Optex redscan pro applications