A commercial complex, comprising of both office buildings and a warehouse, required an extensive security system upgrade to further enhance safety and security while accommodating the distinct requirements of the diverse spaces on site.


The diverse nature of the site, with its mix of office and warehouse environments required a flexible security capable of adapting to different installation requirements, and provide reliable protection without the risk of false alarms, especially in areas with variable temperatures.

Optex OK 10


The selection of the OPTEX FlipX Standard Series was driven by its outstanding performance and versatility. For the office spaces, the FLX-S-ST model was installed, notable for its singular and unparalleled pyroelectric thermal sensor (Human Capture Element), complemented by a rotatable lens for customised detection. For the warehouse, with its large dynamic and variable conditions, the FLX-S-DT model was selected. This model combines the HCE thermal sensor with the ToughMod2 microwave sensor, forming a dual technology system (PIR/MW), unparalleled at reducing false alarms in such active settings.

FlipX Standard sensors are the ideal choice for securing commercial and logistics sites. By simply rotating the lens 180-degrees, it’s possible to change from wide to narrow detection to suit a range of applications, for instance creating a narrow corridor of detection to protect aisles in a warehouse, or wide detection to protect open spaces in office areas.

FlipX sensors can be mounted up to a height of 3 metres, allowing to adapt to different ceiling heights and blend discreetly into different environments.


The FlipX Standard Series sensors have been successfully installed in the building for over six months, a period marked by zero false alarms, showcasing its true reliability and effectiveness. In the offices, the FLX-S-ST model has provided adaptable coverage in both the general area and confined corridors. Meanwhile, the FLX-S-DT model in the warehouse has proven its worth through the turbulent winter months thanks to its advanced dual technology.


The deployment of the OPTEX FLX-S Series in this commercial setting exemplifies a seamless blend of innovative technology and environmental adaptability, resulting in a robust, efficient security system tailored to the diverse needs of the site.